Microsoft’s Albert Penello talks Top Gun, Xbox One’s digital past, and online infrastructure

PA - "Albert Penello is the director of product planning for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the Kinect, and for someone with a system coming out in a week or so he seems… remarkably calm. It turns out I had already seen the demo he was giving to the press, so we had a rare thing in this business: Time to sit down and shoot the sh!t."

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WeAreLegion1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Greatest movie ever made? Yes. Who wants to watch it?

jb2271821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Top Gun?

whitefang19881821d ago

Interesting, it seems quite a few of the policies they wanted to put in the Xbox might still be achievable.
I respect penello in the industry he seems a good asset to Microsoft (they don't have many)
I can't wait for the 22nd I really like what the console is shaping up to be and I genuinely like kinect, me and my friend both got great deals with forza,Fifa and full killer instinct free and bf4 and ryse look ace
Hope to see any one on bf multiplayer :-)

JohnnyTower1821d ago

Ill say this though, @XboxSupport has been extremely helpful in all my twitter questions. Ive asked everything from extending the cords on Kinect 2.0 to when digital games are released and they have been prompt and knowledgeable. Good service all around.

famoussasjohn1821d ago

ya I had an issue signing in to XBL in the summer and they responded quick with assistance which was great. Hadn't noticed I selected the new password methods for XBL and my normal password wasn't working.

GusBricker1821d ago

I have the need...the need for it to be Friday already! Come on, Time! Move faster, DAMN IT!!!

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