Surfer Girl: BioShock not coming to PS3; Transformers 2 planned

New messages from the infamous Surfer Girl:

1) Luxoflux is the developer of next year's tie-in for Michael Bay's avant-garde indie film Transformers 2, which is based on Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins. Wouldn't it be ironic if a version of this was Robomodo's project with Activision (unlikely, but they do have an awesome logo with a robot)?
2) Koei Canada's next PS360 (the release for both platforms will be simultaneous this time) title is another racing game. Fatal Inertia EX is coming very soon and is "vastly improved" (hyperbole, I'm sure) from the original release.
3) Contrary to what the EGM section of gossip that was definitely told to them by insiders and that totally was not taken from the buffet of blogs including this one and a smorgasbord of message boards (sorry, had to do it), BioShock is still not coming to PS3 nor is there plans for a PS3 version of its sequel (extremely unlikely, as one in Redmond says they were only joking when they said they were joking that Microsoft paid for exclusivity rights and one in the Bay Area says the amount work it would take to develop a PS3 version is a "distraction" that would put too much stress on an already brief, crunch-filled development cycle).
4) Even though Sega Superstars Tennis is not doing particularly well, Sumo Digital is working away on "a new entry in a venerable Sega sports franchise that draws upon the team's previously-established expertise."
5) Loose Cannon Studios', a Kirkland-based studio founded last year primarily consisting of ex-Sucker Punch folk that were the creative force behind the Sly Cooper series, debut title is "the most hilarious thing to ever come from King County" and features "mesmerizing art direction." Color me interested even though I can't recall anything real hilarious springing out of King County, so this may just the interactive equivalent of New Love, American Style.
6) The release for A2M's Indy game is currently scheduled to coincide with the Crystal Skull home video release.

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Cicinho5903d ago

I will be playing Bioshock on my PS3 come the end of this year.

sonarus5903d ago

lol keep telling yourself that and maybe it will. If i were you, i would be more interested in new games and not yr old games from the other console.

Don't take anything she says seriously she spits blasphemy

mikeslemonade5903d ago

Bioshock will come out for PS3 and I won't play it. With UT3 already here, and Haze, Resistance, and Killzone coming im going to be playing these new games.

5903d ago
TornRaptor5903d ago

And i suppose if she said that the PS3 was made by god himself, the xbox360 has been officially scrapped by microsoft as it was a complete failure and Bioshock would be coming to PS3, you would have had nothing but praise for SurferGirl

5903d ago
NightVyper5903d ago

I have wasted my time reading her crap and i dont think any of it has come true except the stuff we already knew.

jadenkorri5902d ago

he lost credit when he said starcraft was orginally suppost to be a starwars game...too me he is nothing too me, lower than the sh!t at the bottom of my plunger...but even that is being generous...stop going to his site, if you do, he will stop posting and be out of our lives and off this site... cheers

barom5902d ago

lmao I trust Quarterman (1up) over Surfer Girl any day.

Quarterman has gotten it right countless times.

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Gazman5903d ago

Oh look surferfool is back with more mindblowing crap

sammy_mantra5903d ago

she comes up with wild guesses like these

It is almost given that Bisohock will come to PS3

I mean PS3 will be having the biggest/second biggest game base at the end of the year . Why would 2K games miss on the opportunity of 25/30 m PS3 owners at the end of the year

Gam715902d ago

just annoying
she comes up with wild guesses like these

Like you then doodoo

It is almost given that Bisohock will come to PS3

No its not

I mean PS3 will be having the biggest/second biggest game base at the end of the year . Why would 2K games miss on the opportunity of 25/30 m PS3 owners at the end of the year

No ps3 wont, it would have to outsell the 360 by a million a month and its not, maybe 20,000 at best or like last month by -5,000, but i know what your saying about the game base.

Thats why all those ps3 exclusives came to 360 because the companies wanted to make money and there was only one way

SickNick855903d ago

sakter boy say in his blog that Bioshock 0 coming to Ps360...

who will be wrong?

cloud3605903d ago

i speak for every ps3 supporter when i say surfer girl is a hairy-mouthed paste speckled rectumhorned slime diccked mansqueeze

she also seems to prefer 360

-Harry Zach O'Balls has spoken

Iamback5903d ago

O yeah HE dislikes PS3 just has never admit it, but if you can read in between the lines you can see it.
BTW-when was this THING correct last time? With HIM it is hit or miss.

sammy_mantra5903d ago (Edited 5903d ago )

cuz BIOSHOCK will be coming to PS3


GTA4 looks much better on PS3 and also runs bettter

"PS3 version of GTA4 is confirmed to be superior

i repeat CONFIRMED


"For those wanting to know which version looks better, the edge goes to the PS3. The textures and framerate are comparable, but the PS3 has far less pop-in. The 360 has richer colors, but the PS3 has better anti-aliasing making it look a little cleaner. Because GTA IV can preload onto the PS3 hard drive, the in-game loads are faster. Don't worry Xbox owners, the load times are rarely more than 30 seconds and don't occur very often. The slight visual edge goes to PS3, but the 360 is no slouch. Either version will do you proud".

X360 version has FR dips too . more frequent than the PS3 version
"Past GTA titles have had mild-to-serious framerate issues and technical glitches, because the games were trying to do far more than the PlayStation 2 could handle. While GTA IV is pushing the PS3 and 360 to the limit, it also runs amazingly well. Sure, there are framerate hitches here and there and (particularly on 360) there is some texture pop-in, but it actually runs better than I expected. That a game with great AI, an awesome physics engine and a detailed open world runs so well and with such short load times is a technical marvel. For that, I can forgive framerate issues and some noticeable aliasing. "

EGM--- http://www.n4g.com/NewsPend...

"PS3 version looks slightly more vibrant and sharp "

resistance1005903d ago


Why are these approved again?

he/She had the cheek a while ago to claim that there is unrest between Gurrila and Insominac, however in a interview in a recent opmUK magazine, both dev's just laughed each other off, and the fact of the matter is both Dev's are helping each other with there games