Super Mario 3D World is platforming at its best, filled with secrets and hidden interactions

PA - "There is a world map in the Wii U game Super Mario 3D World, but you can now run around it freely and find some interesting things in the landscape. Be sure to explore everything."

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aviator1891793d ago

Nintendo's killing it with these holiday titles in terms of critical reception.
They really do have some great game devs with them.

3-4-51793d ago

Nintendo...when it gets things right, makes some of the best games ever created.

I love that they keep doing their thing and not giving into Mainstream ideas.

1793d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman1793d ago

Even if this doesn't end up moving units due to still-poor advertising[getting better, though! No doubt about that!], it's still going to be very much a must-have title for the system, for any current owners.

Say what you will about his longevity or the core mechanics that stay with the series over and over again; Mario will always be one of those characters with the potential to reinvent themselves over and over.
That's why it sells; because the familiar and the new always blend so well in his world.