‘Uncharted’ on PS4 Will Be Pirate-Themed?

There may not have been an ounce of gameplay contained within in, but the first teaser trailer confirming that the Uncharted series would be coming to PlayStation 4 was undoubtedly one of the high points of Sony’s console launch event. Featuring the standard cryptic narration and a hand-painted treasure map, fans weren’t left with much information to decipher. Or…were they?

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DeletedAcc3357d ago

Show us in-game-footage, Naughty Dog!

ginsunuva3357d ago

Nah, VGA might have a short cutscene teaser like UC3 did.

E3 will have footage.

Kryptix3357d ago

VGA a cutscene, E3 the gameplay.

I'm equally excited as everyone else who are fans of Naughty Dog's work. A pirate-themed Uncharted will most likely introduce underwater exploration. Whatever this new one brings, it's still going to be jaw-dropping nonetheless.

Riderz13373357d ago

They are preparing us first...If they had shown us in game footage on November 15 then our heads would have exploded then everyone would have blamed thousands of deaths on Naughty Dog.

Veneno3357d ago

There has always been a key plot point in the Uncharted series that has never been answered:

Did Sully ever hook up with Chloe?

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ZBlacktt3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Looks like The Order... dunno. Not sure why they would go there seeing AC4 is here. Which btw is the best damn game I've played since Skyrim.

DeletedAcc3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

I would compare The Order: 1886 to TLOU
All 3 games are/will be masterpieces, though

Edit: Sorry for sent it twice...

DeletedAcc3357d ago

I would compare The Order: 1886 to TLOU
All 3 games are/will be masterpieces, though

I_am_Batman3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Where have you been? Skyrim came out 2011 and we've seen some of the best games of the whole generation after that.

Can't comment on AC4 quality though. They're pumping out those games way too fast. I lost interesst in AC long time ago.

ZBlacktt3357d ago

Closing in on 4000 trophies now. So pretty sure I'm aware. Thank god we all have opinions.

paidadvertiser3356d ago

That's an incredible argument. Skyrim came out in 2011, which is so long ago, Assassin's Creed 4 began development the same year but that's too fast. Makes sense coming from a fan of a franchise that's never missed a year since 1939. Also, The Order is Uncharted in 2014 by Sony.

user74029313357d ago

anything the pitbulls touch turns to platinum

Phantom_Puss3357d ago

Great Dane, I'll tell ye....Great Dane.

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Gamer-403357d ago

I hope, I hope.
ND = Pirate-Themed = Sir Francis Drake = AWESOME.

Blackdeath_6633357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

there is no need to hope it is pretty much certain that there is a pirate and indeed a masonic theme to uncharted 4 from what people have quickly deciphered from the teaser here is a little summary:

there is hidden pigpen cipher/masonic cipher in the trailer that says "memento mori"( ) meaning "remember you will die" this is also inscribed in james leeson's grave ( ) james leeson=james mission (james mission was the supposed leader of libertatia) possibly?

also the line "every betrayed us all" could be referring to henry every ( ) it is claimed that "Every was a king ruling a pirate utopia in Madagascar" which links back to pirate utopia( ) and in turn Libertatia ( ) we know this because the motto "for God and liberty" seen in the teaser.

The person narrating also appears to be Robert Drury, an English sailor who was shipwrecked and lived as a slave for 15 years off the coast of Madagascar in the early 1700's. which is why in the teaser he says "i spent fifteen years, buried alive" and "you left me[in Madagascar]"

finally this same version of the skull and bones is also in the teaser

in short...yes it is pirate themed, very much so

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