Super Mario 3D World review: silly symphony | Polygon

Polygon - "Super Mario 3D World is the best platformer I've played this generation.

As it shares DNA with several of Mario's latest main-series outings, 3D World doesn't feel as inventive as, say, Super Mario Galaxy did in 2007. But it succeeds on its own merits, with brilliant level design, excellent pacing and surprisingly coherent multiplayer action."

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Neonridr1846d ago

Polygon with a great review? I'm shocked..

ruefrak1846d ago

They know nobody is going to buy a Wii U based on their review anyway, so why not. Mario games and Zelda games will usually always score well. Not sure why... but that's the way it is.

FamilyGuy1846d ago

Probably because most of them are actually fun?
Just a guess.

Fun factor seems to be largely ignored by some reviewers. They look at visuals, audio, innovation, replay value but entertainment should be any games number 1 priority.

The_Villager1846d ago

"This is the most next gen game that 2013 has yet produced."

Damn! The haters are not gonna like that one!

ruefrak1846d ago

Imagine if the original Super Mario Bros. was reviewed by today's standards:
- it's too short, can be completed in as little as 20 minutes
- dialogue is weak
- story is not compelling or original (rescue damsel in distress)
- attacks are repetitive (jump on the head to kill the enemy)
- "Brothers" is in the title but the Luigi is only available for the second player. Even then, no difference between the two
- No multiplayer or co-op play
- no depth to the control scheme

You get the idea.