X-Rebirth Review - Duuro Magazine

Duuro says: "Space… the final frontier! For years PC gamers have craved for the return of space simulation games to explore distant galaxies, to trade and build their wealth and to upgrade their ships or purchase newer ones. This is the hope that we as gamers had in X-Rebirth. However that hope flew too close to a star and was obliterated by the intense heat and radiation."

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Mythicninja1792d ago

Ouch...was looking forward to this for months too...

kraideral1792d ago

It's bad and it is not worth the full price. More than 100 people are requesting refunds

I_am_Batman1792d ago

What happened to this series? I only played X - Beyond the Frontier but I remember that it was a great game.

ATiElite1792d ago

X-3 Terran Conflict is great!

I like X-rebirth but just needs patched.

kraideral1792d ago

Buggy yes and it can be patched, but the odd design choices are there forever