Forza 5 - Lotus 2 Eleven at Silverstone

Check out a full race at Silverstone in the A-class Lotus 2 Eleven race car.

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mitford1792d ago

this looks sweet, love the way the AI cars were jostling for position and not all following each other inline.

roll on friday

Naga1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Some of the things I noticed from this video:

- The AI looks surprisingly human; I forgot I was watching single player footage.
- The odometer actually works.
- Rival notifications: actively informs when you beat a rival's lap time, who your next rival is.
- The mirrors seem fairly accurate.
- Dynamic soundtrack in action throughout the race.
- The sound is fantastic.
- The game is still beautiful.

Meatyboy1792d ago

Maybe a stupid question but what is an odometer?

Naga1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

It's the thing on the dashboard that counts the number of miles you've driven in the car. I was pretty surprised to see it actually working as the guy was driving... talk about attention to detail.

VENOMACR12271792d ago

Yikes! Let's hope this person isn't racing on Live anytime soon lol. Reputation system is going to get a work out.

Game looks great! The AI battling and hitting each other is a welcome change than every race you have the same 1 AI car that's better then the rest of the competition. One thing I noticed that is minor, but driver's feet weren't moving at all while shifting or getting on the brakes. Small thing that doesn't really matter since I usually drive from the behind the car view.

ipach1792d ago

too bad it's such a cloudy day. kinda makes everything look so drab... and there isn't much dynamic energy or crowd environment going on. racing games already looked so good this gen; this is going to be a tough genre to pull away with... like does forza 5 really look like a generation leap vs GT6? it will be interesting to see where the racing sim fans flock by year end...

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