Ghost Recon 2 coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP

Two weeks ago Ubisoft announced that it is currently working on Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, which came as no big surprise. It didn't talk about which platforms the game would be released on.

Through large gameshops such as Gamestop and EBGames today it has been clear that the game will come to Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable.

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candystop4459d ago

The more platforms the better! I never saw Ghost Recon as an exclusive title and can't wait to see how It pans out on the PS3 online network! What I think would be cool is if 360 owners and PS3 owners could play these kinds of games against each other just like there doing with Shadowrun for pc and 360! This game must be pretty far along because it's coming out in place of Assasins Creed which makes me wonder just how long this game has been in development and will it use a different engine?

DEIx15x84459d ago

The ps3 games are played on developer's servers and the 360 games are played on a closed Microsoft network on their servers. The only games that could happen with are EA ones since both consoles use EA's servers but Ea lacks allot of innovation and skill so i wouldn't expect it coming from them anytime soon.

TheXgamerLive4459d ago

Don't think it will happen though, unless it's PC and Xbox 360 and/or PC and ps3 owners.

The last GRAW was and is an awesome title, I'd just played it last night again, I love it and it's still one of the best games out there hands down across any platform. Best game of 2005 til now w/the release of GoW, in my opinion anyway's, cept Oblivian, but rockin non the less. I've only put in about 10 hours on my Splinter cell 4 as of yet and it's a different play but great also.
Looking forward to R6 Vegas and COD3 as well as GoW in a few day's. It's crazy but I'm dying to play Saints Row and Oblivion again and invest some freak time but I can't spare the time, Damn I hate when there's to much to play and not enough hours to play it.

power of Green 4459d ago

From what i'v read PS fans hate this type of gameplay.

highps34459d ago

Where do xbox fans get there info from? Stop reading joystiq..

Ps3fanboy and i love this game. Bought it for Pc, played it on my xbox before it broke, and if its coming to ps3 ill definately hold off on buying another 360.

power of Green 4459d ago

It's not reading JOYSTIQ i get this notion from. It's out of the gamers mouths when tittles for their system of choice doesn't have that tittle they rip it apart. Oh! the game only has 8 people on screen at once.(I know GRAW at times has more than 8 on screen).

SPAWN4459d ago

That the online play is better than the last! GRAW 1 sucked online!

TheXgamerLive4458d ago

It's probably the best and most immersive game play online today, blending equally in some eyes with COD2.

You should play it before you bash it.

Microsoft Master4459d ago

As ever the english translation is awfully crap.

TheXgamerLive4458d ago

It was written in and for English, there is no translation.

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