Review: The PlayStation 4 is sleek and impressive | Canada

After months of speculation, anticipation and rumours, the next-generation of gaming has finally arrived. Is it the big leap we all hoped for? Not really. But there’s certainly a lot that hardcore gamers will appreciate about the PS4.

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pat_11_51798d ago

It's pretty sad that the Xbox One won't have Twitch at launch. The PS4's integration with Twitch is amazing.

1798d ago
Serjikal_Strike1798d ago

l wouldn't call this a review, this is more a comparison than anything else.
I honestly think that..the reviewer wanted to hate the ps4, but actually came out of it a bit impressed... Shortly after he probably went and hugged his 360 and apologized heavily for liking a Sony product

pat_11_51798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

I think when it comes to reviewing a console, you kind of have to compare it to the competing product.

If you don't, you're missing a big part of what a review is supposed to accomplish. There's also no context for what you're talking about either.

Sorry, I have to go hug my Xbox now. I think I made it sad lol :P

pat_11_51798d ago

Awesome. Thanks for the thoughtful comment :P

Seriously though, I really like the PS4. Sorry that you think I'm a giant Xbox fan boy.

BeAGamer1798d ago

now if only I could find a PS4 in stock so I could buy one

pat_11_51798d ago

Where do you live? I've heard The Source and a few other stores have them in stock still.

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