Atlus’s November 24 Persona teaser site announcment is *probably* for a nationwide music tour


On November 24, 8PM Japan time (GMT+0900 hours), Atlus is set to make some sort of exciting announcement with regards to the Persona series, via a teaser site that’s been gradually updated since it first went live in September.

Earlier today, the teaser site once again received yet another minor update: this time, if you click on the three square boxes on the upper halve of the site, a 2D sprite image of Teddy appears — which, along with the fact that six Japanese cities are mentioned on the teaser site, is likely to mean that the November 24 announcment is for a Persona band nationwide music tour in 2014.

Of course, that’s not what Persona game fans (including myself) are hoping for. The vast majority of these fans are still holding out hope for a Persona 5 announcement.

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Concertoine1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

at least it wouldn't be another re-release of P4 though.
Persona 5 is around the corner, I know it >_<

Abriael1797d ago

This is completely unlikely and this article is rid of ignorance.

The announcement has been dubbed by Atlus as "Important", and they'll do a 72 hours livestreamed count down on nico nico for it. They also said it won't disappoint the fans.

It takes a complete wacko to think something with so much preparation is a music tour just out of the name of six cities.

1798d ago
DCfan1797d ago

Ummm... they mentioned it as something that would please he fans.

WeAreLegion1797d ago

I've learned to just stop being excited about things that aren't E3.

animegamingnerd1797d ago

Usually count downs in this industry are just one big troll

matrixman921797d ago

arent they doing 3 announcements though?(at least that is what Gaf says)...hopefully 4-2, 5, then the tour

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