Dead Rising 3 Review | OXM UK

It's traditional, when launching a new console, to put some big numbers on the screen. The odd thing about Dead Rising 3 is which numbers it has chosen to use.

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malokevi1846d ago

That white dude doesn't really suite that afro!

*toothy smile*

VENOMACR12271846d ago

I'm surprised at all the good scores this game is getting. Good to see reviews where graphics aren't the #1 most important thing. Although for a next gen game they could be better, but as long as gameplay is fun that's all that matters.

thrust1846d ago

Nooo boring games in 1080p are much much better....

JokesOnYou1846d ago

It's getting good reviews which I expected because there's a ton of things going on in this game and it looks like some insane fun.

GiantEnemyCrab1846d ago

Already paid off and waiting for Friday! Going to add Ryse as well.

Dread1846d ago

I am also thinking of adding ryse..... but i will probably wait till the reviews, if its more than a 7 on average ill buy it.

Otherwise I'll be happpy with DR3.