Over 10,000 PS4s were sold on eBay during launch weekend; 13,000 active listings

GameZone writes, "From November 15 through November 17, the three days following the launch of the PS4, more than 10,000 PS4 units were sold on eBay. That's more than two systems sold every minute, as it was pointed out to us. And since November 1, more than 15,000 PS4 units have been sold on eBay in total."

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Corpser1846d ago

You can get one for $600, after eBay fees and shipping these sellers make maybe $50 profit and have to worry about buyers returning them because of issues

Deividas1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Actually if you take a look at the listings, they are all mostly new never opened products. Therefor returning it would not be an issue cause is not the sellers fault and people buying the product prob knows about the risks. If the console has been used, thats a different story.

And ebay fees cant take more than $50 I believe. And the box itself is reasonably light so shipping wouldnt be too much either.

famoussasjohn1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

eBay took around $30 for my $200 sale for my iPhone a few years back, then paypal gets a percentage. It varies depending on the product you sell, so they're going to get a good chunk of that $600 sale regardless.

Shipping my iPhone with UPS for ground delivery was $20 as well and it was a tiny box.

Did a little estimation on their website, if it starts at $400 and ends at $600, the fees will be about $62 just for eBay. This is of course figuring you're a new seller instead of an established seller that recieves a discount off the fees.

Deividas1846d ago


You paid $20 to ship an iphone?!?....your doing it wrong man. Every hear of USPS flat rate shipping? Like $5 to ship anywhere in the US and gets there in 2-3 days

Agent_00_Revan1846d ago

I got charged $60 in Ebay fees and $17 from PayPal. But shipping cost $0 since I sold my Amazon preorder 3 days before launch and just changed the shipping address. And they got it launch day.

famoussasjohn1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Deividas - I don't necessarily trust USPS with shipping that type of item, though I shipped a phone with them previously before and it was about $15 since I didn't have my own box. I usually prefer UPS just because their ease of tracking on the website is much better than USPS's which is rarely updated properly though it's probably gotten better since it was about 2 years ago. I'll check them out again though and see what the deal is, thanks for the info!

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quinten4881846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Your right Corpser, don't know why these idiot downvoted you.

Neonridr1846d ago

and all of them have their prices jacked up beyond belief.

LOGICWINS1846d ago

If people are that impatient and can't wait for the next batch from Sony, then why not overcharge? Let them be taken advantage of.

Deividas1846d ago

Supply and Demand sir. When supply doesnt meet the demand of the product, you are able to jack up the price and be okay with it :D Exactly what I would have done.

kneon1846d ago

Demand is definitely outstripping supply at the moment. I've been in 2 best buys in the last few days and checked out the ps4 section while I was there. No consoles and not a single game. All that is left is some DS4s and cameras.

LOGICWINS1846d ago

^^Not even ONE game? WOW, and the REALLY good games aren't even out yet.

kneon1846d ago


I was shocked, the shelves were bare, no games at all, even the crappy ones were gone.

But that's only 2 stores out of thousands so it may not be typical.

Another interesting observation was that both stores were completely out of 2.5" drives over 500GB. Could it be people upgrading their PS4 drives?

ruefrak1846d ago

I just noticed this earlier today. I searched "PS4" on ebay and was presented with 55,000 listings. Most of those were consoles. And the bids were pushing the prices up to around $550. Crazy.

AxeCain1846d ago

I sold my Pre-ordered dual shock launch edition PS4 for $615.
Made a nice little profit for just pre-ordering :)

FANTA11801846d ago

a buddy of mine sold his on ebay with nba2k14 and an extra controller for $1100.00

its crazy considering there were gamestops near me with ps4's in stock

Crazay1846d ago

I sold one of my PS4s for $700 after shipping.

Malice-Flare1846d ago

heh, only the desperate fools will buy from those "resellers"...

either way, Sony's got their money...

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