Here are the challenges that will launch with the Xbox One, includes TV challenges

Here's all the challenges that will be up for grabs when the Xbox One launches on Friday

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Mikelarry1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )


edit: i see, some of them are a doozy

CustardTrout1798d ago

They're like achievements, but not

UltimateMaster1798d ago

I don't see the point of adding TV in there.
I'd just watch whatever I watch and wouldn't bother watching something I don't want to even if there was a reward.
Unless the reward is $ and lots of it.

avengers19781798d ago

I'm just glad to see "no reward" after the tv challenges, and hope they add nothing to someone's gamer score.

cactusjack1798d ago

"allow NSA to spy on your through kinect" achievement unlocked

Captain Qwark 91798d ago

omg get over yourself, your not important enough in this world for anyone to waste any digital space recording you. that goes for about 99% of people on this site and in the very unlikely chance you are, dont buy an X1 if you think it could work against you

thrust1798d ago

Butthurt! Just save up more you can afford it one day just not day one!

Summons751798d ago

Don't worry they can't see you if you put on your tinfoil hat.

JoseV761798d ago

This comment has been said so many times its pathetic!

JoseV761798d ago

This comment has been said so much its pathetic! You don't like kinect turn it off !

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Pogue19061798d ago

MADDEN25- Play a game.... Really????

Riderz13371798d ago

Much challenge
Many difficult


Crazay1798d ago

Do they count towards gamerscore or hold any value to them? Probably not right?

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