Angry Birds Star Wars Sells Over 2000 PS4 Copies, Rovio Laughs Maniacally

Hardcore Gamer: We can just picture it now: an unaware parent enters the local shop to purchase her son a brand new PlayStation 4 and some "hot" titles. She immediately recognizes the Angry Birds game, because you know, everyone that owns a cellphone has one iteration or another. She grabs it from the shelf, heads towards the counter all-while ignoring the incessant laughter of the employees on duty, the folks standing behind her in line, and the executives at Rovio, who are probably sipping fancy champagne from glasses made of frozen tears and broken dreams.

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aviator1891822d ago

I still can't fathom buying a game like angry birds for any home console, but I suppose some people will.

admiralvic1822d ago

Thats 1,999 more than I expected.

FamilyGuy1821d ago

I'm pretty sure a lot of these were copies bought buy people the review game on an unprofessional level and some clueless parents seeing a game that had an acceptable esrb

solidt121821d ago

Kids probably. Most younger kids are more impressed by fun and stupid than impressive graphics and violence. My son like to see me play games with great graphics but would rather play Little Big Planet and Castle Crashers, but for some reason he loves Demon Souls.

theXtReMe11821d ago

Considering this game can be had for $2 on iOS, I don't understand why anybody would be paying $50 for it on a console. Especially since the controls would be much better, using a touchscreen device.

I guess there's at least 2000 people out there in the world willing to pay 25x the price. Maybe they don't own a phone or an iPad. God bless them.

sprinterboy1821d ago

Lol, maybe Sony converted 2000 smartphone gamers to purchase there first consoles?

FamilyGuy1821d ago

The PS4 has a touchpad...

BattleReach1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

I laughed too.


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