Macklemore and Deadmau5 to Perform at Xbox One Count Down Launch Event

Looks like Microsoft is preparing its guns for the Xbox One count down launch event on Thursday, but the first weapons to be revealed aren't games, as mentioned by host Geoff Keighley.

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Abriael1797d ago

They're a rather popular rapper and a DJ/Performer.

MajorJackHoff1797d ago


said no one ever.

I don't really understand advertising sometimes. Does that actually work? I'm going to buy a One, but I'd never make a decision based on some celebrity telling me it was cool.

TwistingWords1797d ago


Brand awareness is different to brand association

Would you make a decision based on the OXO Tower on buying a Playstation when Sony used that as a platform for advertising?

DrRobotnik1797d ago

But they are not game developers.

JokesOnYou1797d ago

I could care less about the music entertainment since I'm not feeling either of these guys music but I'm definitely excited a bout the launch show, hoping to see just 1 great reveal gameplay trailer of something like Quantum Break or more of Back Tusks game.....Halo 5 would be a show stopper but that's asking for a lot this early.

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AngelicIceDiamond1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Macklemore and that terrible, awful Thrift shop song. Didn't care for Same Love either or that White Walls song.

Yeah I'm not a fan of Macklemore. But Kendrick Lamar is a whole different monster.

It seems like he tries so hard to be like Eminem. Funny, crazy and everything else Em did before. Em was hilarious and Mack just looks stupid.

FunAndGun1797d ago Show
AngelicIceDiamond1797d ago

@Fun Clearly you have bad reading comprehension.

I said I don't like the message behind his song Same Love. His other stuff I just don't care for, been there done that. I don't hate Mackle hes just simply not my cup of tea.

Kendrick Lamar is way beyond the typical topics that take place in hip hop. You clearly haven't listened to his material.

Thatguy-3101797d ago

Who can forget the Usher concert they threw at e3 lol Don't see why Microsoft throws money where it isn't needed.

ThatCanadianGuy5141797d ago

The usher concert was extra funny, as he's under the Sony music label.

They basically paid Sony to have that guy dance around on stage lol.

GiantEnemyCrab1797d ago

They seem to love to throw away money to give the rest of us laughs. Like the Usher at E3 or the horrible Beatles thing they did where they basically insulted the audience.

If anything, just keep on laughing because it is about all it's worth. I would expect all fluff and little substance with a bunch of PR double-speak that is MS's marketing.

GiantEnemyCrab1797d ago

Just laugh and keep on walking.. lol All aboard the train wreck. You would think after being the joke of the industry every time they bring musical talent to their video game reveals they would learn.

ThatCanadianGuy5141797d ago

What happened to you Crab?

You're not as crabby as i remember.

GiantEnemyCrab1797d ago

PlayStation won me back in the middle of last gen and I've not regretted it. I still love my Xbox but taking a couple steps back makes you realize what these companies are doing.

I can still get crabby when this kind of celebrity stuff is going on instead of games.

LordMaim1797d ago

And that's where your extra $100 per console goes, folks. To pay for flashy stunts.

Mystogan1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Have you been living under a rock?

and for those PS4fanboys..

This is a launch PARTY!!

notice the "party" part in CAPS? When you're having a PARTY you ought to bring good music. And they're doing just that. Nothing wrong with this. Stop trying to spin this into something negative..

3-4-51797d ago

Deadmau5 has some great songs but macklegeneric...not so much

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WeAreLegion1797d ago

Love Deadmau5. I can't even look at Macklemore without laughing though.

Blackdeath_6631797d ago

same, on one hand i would do anything to see deadmau5's performance and on the other hand i'd rather swim in bleach than to see or hear macklemore

Riderz13371797d ago

Does anyone know if we can expect some game reveals or some type of exclusive content at this event? Don't really care for Macklemore or Deadmau5 but I will watch it if they are going to reveal some cool stuff.

WeAreLegion1797d ago

Even if game reveals are promised, don't waste your time.

Trust me.

Hercules1891797d ago

Sony teased a new Uncharted at their reveal and Microsoft is looking to 1up Sony this generation. They basically destroyed Sony at E3 and other events but people didnt like their other ideas and thats why everyone thinks Sony won E3. They have over 20 devs working on exclusive games and a bunch of their games didnt even get proper reveals like that black tusk game.

mikegeezy691797d ago

how in the actual fuck did they destroy sony at e3?
if anything the only company microsoft tore apart with this next gen is themselves when they shot themselves in the foot

taking back all the garbage they warranted at their reveal during e3 doesnt justify destroying anyone

Blackdeath_6631797d ago

they destroyed sony? please elaborate.

Hercules1891797d ago

I'm talking about the games, not all the nongaming stuff they were planning like drm.

ruefrak1797d ago

This reminds me of something I saw the other day about the difference in strategy between Sony and Microsoft. Sony is really going grass roots with their launch event and inviting people such as Boogie2988 "Francis" and playing up the Antonio Banderas gif from Neogaf. These are things that only gamers would understand, but they really speak to the heart of gaming base.
Meanwhile Microsoft is having commercials with Brian Urlacher and Ray Lewis, and now this concert. It's like having the paid celebrity endorsement.
Not sure which one will work better, but it's interesting to see the big difference.

DrRobotnik1797d ago

My gripe with this is while sony had a majority of game developers at their launch party, microsoft seems to be going all Hollywood on us. this is a console premiere, not a movie premiere. Honestly I can give 2 craps about deadmouse and the Macklemore. They ain't game developers.

Thatguy-3101797d ago

It's somewhat always been like that. Sony has always been catering to the gamer type where as Microsoft aims for a broader appeal. The thing with the broader appeal is that it can be a hit or miss. When you aim for the core demographic then you're guarantee the attention from that group

HappyWithOneBubble1797d ago

You'd be surprise what people do for their favorite celebrity. If Justin Beaver got a XB1, the girls and boys that follow him will want one because to them they might get to play with him online. That's how a lot of them are.

Gore-Content1797d ago

So, Sony had cool gaming related announcement, while MS have musical act?

Golden_Mud1797d ago

Actually we don't know what will happen there but don't expect much , I'm actually more excited to see what will happen at E314 , I want to see more of Halo 5 , Quantum Break and the new Black Tusk game

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