What’s your favorite console? Do you have one? Tell us.

Mona from Twinfinite discusses what her favorite consoles are and why.

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darthv721796d ago

dont have my ps4 yet but my favorite of all time is the Sega Genesis. it marked a new beginning (thus the name Genesis) in gaming for its time.

It had its limitations that developers figured out how to work around and produce some of the best sprite based games in history. Its audio abilities may have paled in comparison to the SNES (and redbook audio of CDROM) but it was a capable platform for the likes of Yuzo Koshiro and his fat beats in Streets of Rage series.

Sega had a good partnership with sony for the audio chip that eventually worked out to sony making games that really took advantage of that chip. Games like hook and mickey mania were not only great graphically but had great audio as well.

It was a different time then. No internet nerd rage, no over the top fanboyish behavior. Just great games.

black0o1796d ago

the PSOne is my fav ..

trywizardo1796d ago

it was PS2 , but after thinking its 360 cause it keeps surprising me how good it is , and i have the original arcade one and it still run like a new one
so 360 you're my favorite console ever ^_^

ZodTheRipper1795d ago

Agree, had the best exclusives of any console imo.
Second would be the N64 for me ...aww those times.

TheEnigma3131796d ago

I want to say ps2, but dreamcast was my favorite.

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The story is too old to be commented.