Sony’s Andrew House Expects 'Sufficient Supply' Of PlayStation 4 Through Holiday

By Mike Futter: "Last week, on the eve of the PlayStation 4 launch, we had the chance to chat with Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House. during our conversation, we spoke about the shift in messaging the new hardware, the decision process of choosing release dates, and balancing developer and consumer needs."

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tdogchristy901792d ago

As long as I can grab one in march when I pick up my destiny preorder, I'll be happy.

GraveLord1792d ago

You picking up the console bundle? I head there would be one.

tdogchristy901792d ago

If they have one, yeah that'd be nice. I've always said Destiny and of Mirror's Edge will be my jumping off point for next gen. I can't wait!

classic191792d ago

yea, im looking at march too. infamous SS releases on march 21

Pintheshadows1792d ago

I can't decide what to do right now. I have a console preordered however the only thing I really want to play is KZSF so I think I may pick up the console anyway, play KZSF, give it to my dad who wants one for NFS and wait for the Infamous bundle.

Neonridr1792d ago

I hope I will be able to walk into a Future Shop and see them sitting on the shelf, but I am fully expecting to have to wait until the new year before stock is readily available.

Grave1792d ago

I was gonna get it day 1, then I decided to wait till like Spring-ish, now all my friends are playing on the PS4 and I'm all like "Arrgh! I wanna play Killzone!" Don't know what to do :-/

Miraak82 1792d ago

Man I really want one , I'm gonna wait till after Christmas and use all the gift cards I usually get , already have a $50 GS gift card from my birthday last week .. That's unless I get impulsive and just by it early if I can find one lol

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