Joystiq: Super Mario 3D World review

Put simply, Super Mario 3D World is stunning. Its world is beautiful, its design is impeccable, and its fun is infectious. I'm running out of superlatives here, so let me finish where I started: Go play it.

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Chris5581796d ago

this game will be sure up with the best games of its generation like The Last of Us uncharted 2 Gta V and so on

WeAreLegion1796d ago

I don't think so... This game isn't judged on the same merits as something like The Last of Us or GTA V.

Just look as something like Just Cause 2. Just Cause 2 is quite possibly the most fun you can have with a controller. However, reviews panned the story. It was held to different standards because it had other elements than just "fun".

Neonridr1796d ago

@Legion - why can't this game be judged on the same merits? Is Mario 3D World not a video game just like TLOU or GTA V? That should be the only requirement as to whether or not they can be compared. And by all accounts this Mario game looks to be the best since Galaxy, so therefore it has earned its right to be considered right alongside those other two.

Will it win? Doubtful, as Nintendo has a smaller audience so games like this don't truly get the respect they deserve. Just because it's a Mario game doesn't mean it can't be better than GTA V or TLOU. That's all up to the person playing the game anyways. You could tell me until you are blue in the face that TLOU is a better game, but if to me Mario 3D World is the most fun I have ever had, then I'm likely to not care what you say..

In the end it was a great year for games. Lost of amazing titles released this year which will mark 2013 as one of the best years for gaming in a long time.

_QQ_1796d ago

@ WeAreLegion, that is a very false statement,true you can't compare the games,matter of fact you can't compare GTA with TLOU in a catagory other than story.So what are those merits you are talking about? story or the game? Just because a game has a story doesn't by default make it better or more difficult to make than everything else. Think about a game like SC2,you think Naughty dog or Rock* have the ability to create such a complex,deep,yet balanced competitive game? or how about the level/puzzle design in games like Zelda or Metroid? moving those planks sure was a puzzle in tlou/s. I'm not here to bash great games but i'm just proving that you can't say games like 3D world don't compare to games like TLOU or GTA just because it focuses on different aspects.

Also good scores in a game like this isn't based on fun, its about expertly crafted level design,gameplay variety,music,art style ect which yeah leads to fun and entertainment but in the end movies books and games are all entertainment.a deep and complex story for me is fun, because i ENJOY good stories.stories like TLOU and letters from Iwo Jima may be sad but its still entertainment.

WiiUsauce1796d ago

Youre indirectly trying to call the Wii U last gen, you tool. No, Mario 3D World is the highest rated next gen game. Deal with it.

Chris5581796d ago

stay mad PII-U is good co petition with ps3 but ps4 come on greatness

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The_Villager1796d ago

Wow this game is getting really good reviews so far!

PygmelionHunter1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Woa, I expected the game to score nicely, but not THIS nice!

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TheFallenAngel1796d ago

Sucks I don't have a Wii u. I'm going with ps4 n Wii u this gen.

Venox20081796d ago

best console combo in this generation

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