Xbox One can't play music from USB sticks at launch

Microsoft confirms music playback from USB sticks not supported at launch, but could come later.

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Lovable1794d ago

Dafunk? U serious brah?

First thing I do when I buy a console is to play all my pirated music I stored on my USB stick to my new shiny toy.

malokevi1794d ago

That's it, I'm writing an angry letter. Wheres my quill?

sincitysir11794d ago

Isn't this supposed to be the media center of the universe! Damn u ms /s

Snookies121794d ago

Be sure to have your ink ready! The quill is useless without proper ink on standby!

insomnium21794d ago


No no no you said it wrong. It is Dat all in ONE. Always use the 'dat'-word.

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Blaze9291794d ago

thats what people use USB sticks for?...oh.

Kryptix1794d ago

It's faster to stream it from a USB stick than to copy all your songs into the console plus it also saves hard drive space if you have a couple GBs of music.

This gen, hard drive space will be much more needed for games than before.

2cents1794d ago

So your gonna copy your music from your pc to a USB to play it on your console,

Just stream it baby!

torchic1794d ago

why emphasise that your music is pirated?

kingPoS1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Is it pirated if it's borrowed from the library? Just asking. Nero's the best!

Gateway MT6706 2008

3-4-51794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

My "go to" move for games with crap OST's is listen to the music I've saved to my 360.

So Neither next gen lets me listen to my own music right out of the box ?

This + a few other reasons is why I'm holding off a few months probably.

Mosiac771794d ago

Be careful NSA is watching.

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Neonridr1794d ago

It can't play music from a USB stick? Burn it to the ground!!


LOL_WUT1794d ago

Nope but for a $500 console that heavily relies on advertising it's features it should be included. ;)

Neonridr1794d ago

in all fairness I am sure you can copy the music from the USB to the console and you should be good to go. The PS4 will require an update just to play MP3 files, so I guess they each took a hit there.

Trekster_Gamer1794d ago

at least it can play mp3s.... That more than I can say about the ps3.5 er the ps4 ......:-)

Nick_5151794d ago

Is that true, Neonridr? Can you actually copy them and play them off of the hard drive? I didn't see anything in the article.

Biggest1794d ago

I can understand why someone like you, Trekster_Gamer would lose interest in the article three words in, but to save you the hassle:

"The Xbox One is DLNA compatible and will play CDs on launch day. However, like the PlayStation 4, users will not be able to store or play MP3s on the system at launch."

What was that you were saying about the PS4?

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Trekster_Gamer1794d ago

Dang, that's first thing I wanted to do after booting up my Shiny New XB1, play music through a USB stick!!! I am so canceling my order RIGHT NOW!!

fattyuk1794d ago

No no no,

The first thing you should be doing when you boot up your shiny new Xbone is watching tv! watch sports on tv then listen to tv

ZBlacktt1794d ago

And so it

black0o1794d ago

no the twitch thingy exploded on twitter .. this is nothing compare to that

pyramidshead1794d ago

lol the PS4 got eviscerated for not having such small features like this. This should be no different if fair is fair :P

Games_R_Us1794d ago

Yep here we go again. Oh dear.

Loki861794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

However it can stream music from your PC and devices through DLNA, which PS4 does not support so far.

Apparently, according the trolls here facts are just opinions now.

neocores1794d ago

But will in the next patch for the ps4 then what will u fall on.. Twitch... oh wait xbone dont have twitch till 2014

Dlacy13g1794d ago

Lets face it, both these consoles promised a ton and now as they launch are having things "patched in"

hello121794d ago

Not everything comes at launch. The playstation is lacking features, but Sony will likely patch new stuff in 2014.

Man, you Sony fans never stop criticizing. I was thinking of getting a PS4 up till August, glad i didn't now and stuck with X box. X BOX fans are just more mature and act like adults.

Loki861794d ago

Did you read the title at launch, which means support is coming for it just like twitch broadcasting. Do see everything from one side all the time?

kiz26941794d ago

You had to bring that up?! This was not comparing what has and what hasn't. Now Shh troll.

torchic1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

there are a few Xbox fanboys on this site who try to act nonpartisan but every now and again they show their true colours...

it's funny when it happens :D

XboxFun1794d ago


PS4 here I come!

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