Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Review (Strategy Informer)

From "The trouble with the ibn-La'Ahad's, the Auditore's , the Kenway's, and the Miles' is that they are absolutely shit at being assassins. For self-confessed members of a shady cult of organised killers, they are rubbish at being just that. Ubisoft would have been better off naming their most senior franchise: 'Parkour Enthusiast's Creed' or even 'Really Clumsy Bastards' Creed' because silent killers these men are definitely not.".

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theXtReMe11819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

I have this game sitting here, I just haven't opened it yet. I'm interested to know what everybody elses thoughts on it are? What do you like? What do you not like? What makes it different from last gen? I'm interested to hear gamer's opinions as opposed to professional reviewers, as I wasn't a huge fan of the game last generation. Though this game looks like it would be fun. I like the history of the pirate culture.

Thank you in advance.

Ezz20131819d ago

look i'm not even a fan of AC games
even though i finished them all beside AC3 which was incredibly boring and lame

ACIV however is Amazing
i'm loving every thing about it
and it's the best AC game by far for me

theXtReMe11819d ago

I'm glad you posted this. I am glad to see somebody else who didn't really get into the past games, enjoying this one. It makes me feel much better about my purchase. I thank you again, and truly appreciate your response. It was just what I needed.

Tell me your favorite parts of the game and what you think of the visuals.

Ezz20131819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

there is alot of good parts in it
but i will spoil it for you
all you need to know
it's really fun and have very good gameplay and at last a good story

and the gfx are really good too
this game is eye candy
it's not up to the level of TLOU,uncharted 3,God of war 3/ascension etc of ps3 exclusives though

Lwhit61818d ago

Just look at the reviews! Good hell this is the first score under 9 I've seen!