The PS4 has Turned into the ‘Shooterbox 4′

The days of Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, and Jak & Daxter filling PlayStation consoles worldwide are long gone, and may never come back. With the release of Sony’s latest console, the PS4. The firm has successfully transitioned the fanbase from platform and RPG fans, to shooter and online multiplayer fans, in about one generations’ time.

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malokevi1821d ago

"shooterbox 4"?

Oh, come on! At least say "FPS4". That has some kind of ring to it!

I should teach marketing 101.

JoGam1821d ago

These people can't make up their mind. First they say..... PS3 isnt hardcore enough. Now they say PS4 has too many shooters. Smh. Only on N4G.

BiggCMan1820d ago

You know what's funny

"The days of Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, and Jak & Daxter filling PlayStation consoles worldwide are long gone, and may never come back."

Every one of those aside from Jak, has had a release in the last 12 months....YEA THE GOOD DAYS ARE GONE ALRIGHT....

Irishguy951820d ago

Shooters =/= hardcore. They can be. I'd call COD, the most casual hardcore game there is.

Although yeah been saying this for months, it's quite the odd turnaround for the X1 to have no exclusive shooters waith many genres and Ps4 to have almost only exclusive shooters @ launch of course. Quite the opposite to last gen where MS had nothing but shooters and Sony had all genres. Sony where known for variety. Yet this launch is just backwards

decrypt1820d ago


Cant play any of those on the PS4 though since no BC.

This was predicted well in advance PS4 or XBone wont have much games at launch. PS4 being called shooter box is not a surprise at all.

abzdine1820d ago

i am a hardcore gamer and i hate shooters.
but i see your point

-Foxtrot1820d ago

I find it funny how Sony tries to bring in a new IP which ISN'T a shooter, Knack, it's ripped apart in reviews.

We all wonder why it's all about shooters and big explosions these days in games <sigh>

Chrischi19881820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

The core wanted more mature games, here you go ;)

Deny it as much as you want, but I said it month ago, you all go nuts over the ps4, it is a great console, but if it only gets shooters, it is basically the same gameplay, this is why I love Nintendo, Mario and Zelda games kept their gameplay, but have an unique gameplay, which never gets old, because their are not many successful, doing the same, but with shooters it is not the same, so many successful, so few innovations over like 10 shooter games...

Dont get me wrong, I am planing to get a PS4 at some point, after a price cut or through a warehouse deal from amazon or something like that, but not for launch. I think it will become a good investment, but I dont like this blind fanboy love for a console, which wasnt even out for a week. Buying at launch seems to be not good, doesnt matter which console. I got a Wii U at launch, I mean, you all know, how that went, but I love that console and it is picking up steam, finally. Same will go for PS4, for launch it is just for the ones, who want to rebuy the system, because first revisions have the most flaws and at the same time are the most expensive. Games will come, I will happily wait for it another year, during that time, I play Mario Kart and Mario 3D world and GTA V on PC and so on ;)

Eyeco1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

I was about to click on the article, but then I saw the website and remembered by it's owned by a well known Nintendo fanboy, so the consoles that's been out for less than a week is already an FPS mecca ?

Not only is that grossly untrue, but if people actually done their research they would know that of all the PS4 games set to release over the next year very few are actually shooters or more specifically FPS in fact a good chunk of them are actually RPG's,, there is allot of variety in the PS4's library, pointless article.

MysticStrummer1820d ago

All these years as a gamer, and I never knew a console was defined by it's launch titles. You learn something stupid every day.


Has PS4 been out long enough to establish it's identity, and then "turn into" something else…?

shivvy241820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

i don't get it, it only has 1 more fps game and that's killzone
Edit : my bad it also has Planetside 2 and Blacklight

Thehyph1820d ago

I'm with strummer.

Also, Knack is a throwback to ps1 platformers, so I have no idea why those types of games would be brought up as missing.

Launch lineups are just that. Gran Turismo is easily the top selling exclusive to Sony consoles. Am I to presume that they won't make one of those as well for ps4 because it wasn't there at launch?
If I follow the logic on display here, then I assume it won't happen.

I believe the Nintendo argument is moot. I, sincerely, love Nintendo, but their devices cover less genres of games than their competitors.

Sarcasm1820d ago


The system has been out for 5 days and there's already articles like this?

And last I checked we got plenty and I say pleennnntttttty of unique, new and old IPs on the PS3.

Why in the friggin' world do people not understand it's not going to be much different on the PS4?

minimur121820d ago


"The days of Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, and Jak & Daxter filling PlayStation consoles worldwide are long gone, and may never come back"

I totally agree, I'm not sure when Sly Cooper: Thieves in time released but im positive that it was some time this year. DmC was released in Feb (?) and Final fantasy LR is in 4 months time, and the new R&C is already out lol

E2S1820d ago


Actually, Jak and Daxter had an HD rerelease if it counts.

Gamingcapacity1820d ago


That's true but what's also true is that we haven't even got past the launch and people are predicting what Sony are going to release.

We already know games that aren't shooters planned for the PS4 (google it) and we know that different projects are going on in the background.

It's really silly to call it "shooterbox 4" after a week. Especially when a few of the shooters are 3rd party, out of Sony's control, and on other systems.

The X1 will also get it's fair share of shooters in the future, Halo, Quantum Break and Titanfall.

Point being that shooters are just a big part of gaming and has been for a while but Sony also will give us a choice of genres from their first and second party studios.

user55757081820d ago

how about the fact that killzone is exclusive and battlefield and call of duty are 2 of the most anticipated titles of the year...maybe that's why they sold well.

expect platformers and rpgs to do well too

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BullyMangler1821d ago

hahaa fanboy article.

plus, after nintendo got great feedback from fans regarding past titles being resurrected on wiiU, sony announced the other day that they too would be bringing back old franchises, so lame article . greatness awaits.

DeadMansHand1820d ago

The article is plain old hogwash. infamous, gran turismo, media molecules next game (most likely lbp3), the last guardian, deep down are all shaping up to be great exclusives.

If one thing is certain, its that Sony puts out genre crossing, quality games from their 1st and 2nd party studios. I have zero doubt that we will see awesome platformers, RPG, racing and adventure games in the years to come.

Ranma11820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

I wish this generation doesnt have a drought of JRPG's.

Am hoping sony brings back the ps2 days.

at least give us dark cloud 3 sony !

Veneno1820d ago

If pS4 keeps selling like hotcakes we'll get all sorts of games rolling in. I'm pumped for that.

JuniorCE1820d ago

"FPS4" LoL much better!

andrewsqual1820d ago

"The days of Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, and Jak & Daxter filling PlayStation consoles worldwide are long gone, and may never come back."
All games that never launched on a system and FOUR OF WHICH had releases this year. Do I really need to click the article after the dumbest statement of the month?
They do realise there is a new Sly game in development for PS4, PS3 and Vita also???

pedrof931820d ago


That was awesome.

Sevir1820d ago

I'm not sure I understand this.

we are defining a console based on it's launch titles because it launched with 3 retail shooters!?

The days of platformers and RPGs are gone?

Soooo what says you about Infamous? Driveclub. FF14 coming to PS4 in Feb or how about Deep Down coming in Feb! or Level 5's New RPG?

DMC? really, Didn't the fanboys tear that game a new hole in January last year... didn't the PS3 a ton of RPGs this year Didn't the PS3 get 3 platformers this year?

And because the PS4 which just launched 5 days ago is only launched with 1 platformer as a retail release its suddenly now destined to be the Shooter box for the next 10 years!?

Fail article is Fail!

LOL keep it up! you certainly speak with lots of sense and rational /s

T21820d ago

ya its a terrible article... as someone posted before, all the titles except one listed has launched recently... It's not even correct information.
Also I'm pretty sure Sony doesn't tell EA and Activision when to release games or "stop making COD"...

TheGrimReaper00111819d ago

Well, I can only think of 3 shootergames
Resogun is more of an arcade score shooter (i think, ihavent got to play it ... yet)

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xJumpManx1821d ago

FPS games are the biggest sellers cant blame them. Personally not a huge fps fan but its what people are buying.

pwnsause_returns1821d ago

they launched in the US first and Foremost...What did you expect them to launch with?

xJumpManx1821d ago

A first party racing game would have been nice.

pwnsause_returns1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

well, that first party racing game that was suppose to launch got delayed due to quality issues.

xPhearR3dx1820d ago

Your point? EU is going to have the same launch games. Lets not forget that FPS are the most popular worldwide, not just in the US.

Ranma11820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

i used to dislike fps games cause they took market share away from other genres.

but now i know with 99% certainty that fps genre on consoles will be on the decline this gen, i just base this off what i saw. of all friends who were COD addicts (about 20-30). none like COD anymore.

they got tired of it. one thing people should realise is not everything stays popular forever, people move on once they get bored.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1821d ago

and the good thing is that it will still come out with great unique games so why need xbox lol

black0o1821d ago

Dear writer this is 1st time that PlayStation launched 1st at NA, which is the biggest FPS market ...

Knack got the worst reviews due the mentality of NA's reviewers >>>> COD gets every year (8 - 9.5) same game over and over while games like B2S,remember me ..etc gets meeeh

look at JP launch line-up ;)

secretcode1820d ago

tbh, Knack kinda deserves to be swung at a little bit. First few levels were rad but the game didn't do anything different after that except force the size of Knack himself into different scales. Game needed a lot more variety instead of trying to be the PS4's particle effect demo, and to be honest it was a wasted opportunity for Sony. If a Knack 2 is (hopefully) made, here's hoping they try to stray from the norm.

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