Nintendo Launch Free Super Mario 3D Land ‘Welcome Promotion’

If you register a Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL and one of fifteen selected videoames between 27th November 2013, and 13th January 2014, then you can download Super Mario 3D Land for free as part of a new promotion from Nintendo. Fans of 3D adventures set in the Mushroom Kingdom are in for a treat, with Nintendo today announcing the new ‘Welcome Promotion’ for Nintendo 3DS consoles.

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Neonridr2504d ago

That's awesome. This Friday I am upgrading to the new Zelda 3DSXL and if I register that along with the digital copy of Zelda: ALBW I automatically get 3D Land for free. Sweet deal.

mathsman2504d ago


That 3DS XL looks amazing mate. :)

Fizzgig2504d ago

I am also purchasing said Zelda 3DS XL :)

3-4-52504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

yes. definitely doing this.

This is smart. Get people interested in 3dland, then they want more & they can have more of that in sm3d world on wii u.

Is the stock 2gb card enough to hold sm3dland ?

Neonridr2504d ago

3DSXL comes with a 4GB card I believe, no?

BullyMangler2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

dang what a promotion.

lol at those who try and say Mario Land 3DS is easy game. of course it gets easy, once one gets used to the level design duh but at first it takes try after try to beat the levels . .

HolyDuck2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Wow, I bought a 3DS XL & Pokemon Y 2-3 weeks ago and I've already registered them. ):

Neonridr2504d ago

try contacting Nintendo. If you can back it up with your receipt, who knows, they may offer you a code. Worth a shot anyways.

MooseWI2504d ago

Would also like to know.

admiralvic2504d ago

US did a similar program about a year ago, so we probably won't get it.

Neonridr2504d ago

damn, I didn't even notice that Legion. You just burst my bubble, LOL...

hopefully this extends to the NA market as well.

_QQ_2504d ago

wow my friend just picked up a 3ds 2 weeks ago and registerd it he is going to be pissed lol

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