Battlefield 4 and COD Ghost: To Buy or Not To Buy

The two new games have been highly anticipated for a long time, prompting long lines and huge battles over the release of BF4 and COD Ghost. Is it worth it to purchase them this early on, however? The games are filled with bugs and hackers so far that the developers have not fully addressed, so is it actually smart to purchase it now?

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Ares84HU1795d ago

Don't buy Battlefield 4 guys. The game is unplayable at this point. Campaign mode crashes constantly corrupting your saved file. It happened to me 3 times yesterday in an hour. Online you can't join 64 player servers or Conquest mode at all.

For now if you want your shooter fix get CoD Ghosts instead because it works online and off. Might be the same old game but at least you can play it without problems.

Screw DICE, I purchased every BF game ever since the first one on PC but this time they really screwed up.

qu1ckset1795d ago

Battlefield is so good , and multiplayer is addictive , conquest is the only multiplayer mode that doesn't work at the moment and will be fixed with an update early next along with the crashes!

I would never buy COD ghost for the recycled trash it is!

Ares84HU1795d ago

Dude, I love the gameplay of Battlefield as well but if it's unplayable with problems such as what it has it needs to be addressed and we shouldn't take this bullshit from EA/DICE. We paid them the money they requested, is it too much trouble to expect a working product????

qu1ckset1795d ago

@Ares84HU I wouldn't go as far to say it's unplayable as I play it for at least 3hrz a night and I played much longer on the weekend! , yes it is really annoying I can't play conquest and when the game crashed which isn't often for me it corrupts my SP saves but it will be fixed hopefully next week like dice said. I just been playing team deathwatch , rush , obliteration , etc online and I'm happy far from "unplayable"

But yes all these Dev not just dice need to stop rushing these products out with bugs and errors, it's becoming more and more common!

Ares84HU1795d ago

A game that can crash at any given time in my eyes is unplayable. But that's just me. Or would you rather call this a beta for $65??

AllroundGamer1795d ago

i think it went down the hill from BF3, BF4 is my last BF game, i don't trust those amateur DICE devs anymore.

TopDudeMan1795d ago

It's not unplayable at all. I'm having a blast playing team deathmatch, rush and domination.

Right now the servers can be a bit unstable, but it's totally playable as long as you're not hung up on conquest. Then again, I haven't played campaign mode, so I can't confirm or deny your issues with that.

Ares84HU1795d ago

Whoever disagrees just read this if you don't believe me.

TopDudeMan1795d ago

Oh, okay, well I'm on PC, so I wouldn't know about the issues on PS4. We've been getting some discos etc but nothing major.

miklo841795d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

First time getting battlefield and am very disappointed. Picked it up on PS4 after watching us vs eu on xbox live with Conquest gameplay and was blown away. Going on a week and still haven't been able to experience it. Not to mention that hit detection is way off and at times not even present. A whole clip and only two hit markers, chest shot sniper shots 2 hit kill, wtf!!! Waiting to play ghost this Friday on my XBone and then we'll see how that goes.

TopDudeMan1794d ago

If you played CoD it's because you're not compensating for the gun's recoil. BF has much more realistic recoil than guns in CoD.

miklo841794d ago

@ TopDudeMan,

I totally agree. The amount of recoil caught me off guard at first but been playing almost a week and change up fire rate on assaults and still no hit markers at times. Example: Scar-H I switch to single shot for medium to long range with red dot clearly aimed at chest and no hit markers. CQ fully auto and at times no hit markers when opponent is literally right in front of me. I'm sure I'm not that horrible... I hope I'm not that terrible.. lol

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JustPlay41795d ago

I was planing to get both along with titan fall but after all the problem BF4 has been having I think I'll wait on it and just get cod and Titanfall

tigertron1795d ago

I had BF4 pre-ordered on the PS4, but I cancelled it for Killzone Shadow Fall. Kinda glad I did now, I might get BF4 when it's cheaper or just hold out for BF5/BC3.

HellaWasted1795d ago

I finally found the time play more than just a couple games of ghosts last night on the PS4. The frame drop is ridiculous!! I was noticing frame drop almost every 10 seconds! Is it just me or anyone else on PS4 experiencing this? At times it was so bad that I was second guessing if it was lag or frame drop.

Ares84HU1795d ago

I didn't notice any framerate drops so far in Ghosts. Maybe there is something wrong at your end?

PSN_ZeroOnyx1795d ago

Anybody who claims ghosts is the same cod as it's predecessors has obviously not bothered to play it yet. Sure some things are the same but a lot has changed including the actual gameplay. Ghosts does not play like any cod before it.

famoussasjohn1795d ago

People say this every year. It plays exactly like MW3. You just die a lot faster than previously before. I'm speaking in terms of the curren gen experience and not next gen experience, but there won't be that much of a difference between the two.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1793d ago

you have not played it obviously, Ghosts has a different feel to the gameplay. it's still Call of Duty at its core but plays differentially and everyone i know playing it have all pointed out how different it feels.

famoussasjohn1789d ago

Oh but I have on quite a bit on the 360 and a little bit on my friends Xbox One. Sure it may look prettier on the One, but overall its the same game. Just because they added a slide mechanic and new uberly weak killstreaks with some fun gamemodes, Cranked was probably my favorite gametype out of the bunch, closely was Hunted.

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