#TheREDEFINED Presents... Games of the Generation (Part 2)

Part 2 of our "Games of the Generation" brings more heavy hitters and we also share a short list of games that we missed out on in the recent generation. Which Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed titles are considered defining? Come find out on

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Profexxion1820d ago

Any guesses as to which titles will make the final list?

jaggernaut251820d ago

Mass Effect 2 is, easily, in the top 5 games of this generation and probably in my top 5 of all time. That game made me feel emotions I didn't think were possible while playing a game - it's incredible.

Good list, lots of great picks.

Profexxion1820d ago

I agree on it being top 5. It is a true shame that ME3 couldn't finish the trilogy in a fitting manner (in my opinion).

jaggernaut251820d ago

The ending made ME3 an overall worse game than ME2, but it didn't ruin the trilogy for me. Mass Effect is, in my opinion, the best trilogy of all-time and the best sci-fi universe ever created. I rank it above Star Wars and anything else out there.

Profexxion1820d ago

I love sci-fi and the closest I've come to being this interested in all the different aspects (characters, planets, etc) is Star Wars. Yet, ME has a much better story to tell. Best trilogy of all time? I have to think on it a bit more but its definitely up there.