Will you be sick come April 29th?

We all know what is happening on the 29th April,but do you know what YOU will be doing?
will you call in sick or sweat it out at work waiting nervously for 5:30pm so you can go home?or will you be late for work so you can run to your local game shop first before going to work, and then keep your prized possession in an air tight safe surrounded by security,and be suspicious of every fellow worker who's friendlier to you than normal?

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xhi45933d ago

got the whole week off.....yay :D

MURKERR5933d ago (Edited 5933d ago )

so jealous of you right now lol

Hagaf225933d ago (Edited 5933d ago )

i got tuesday off... dont have any idea going to spend it, might play some.... donkey kong blast...

Woof5932d ago

I got the whole week off also!! Hmmm.. what should I do?? Watch some TV, feed the dog and PLAY GTA 4!!!

heyheyhey5932d ago

*cough**sneeze**throw up*

course i am

Scenarist5932d ago

hell yea i got tuesday off officially but imma call out on wednsday too f^ it