Amazon starts PS4 exchange procedure

It appears Amazon now has set up a special process to send replacement consoles within 5-to-7 days to customers who received broken PS4′s.

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dericb111819d ago

I really hope they show the number of people who they give a replacemnet too.

admiralvic1818d ago

If they do, I hope they take the time to actually see whats wrong with it. Having a number without verifying things is the same as making up a number and claiming it's accurate.

Ripsta7th1818d ago

I doubt it, it will probably be sent to Sony right away. But why would someone return a working console anyways?

ZBlacktt1818d ago

I really hope a full investigation is done and the results are made public. Since the number is so low. I know countless people who got the console from Amazon. From the States to the Philippians. No one had a issue. This is why I'm very much interested to hear what the problems were.

Funantic11818d ago

Nov. 15 seemed like it took forever to get here, now 7 more days....ouch.

AilonTrusk1818d ago

I just got my PS4 from Amazon, I live in Australia, and all i can say is that it works like a charm.

tawak1818d ago

How bout the fake reviewer's on amazon

kingdom181818d ago

There may be a few, but I went through at least 7 pages of 1 star reviews, that is 70 reviews, and all of them had the Amazon Verified Purchase. Unlucky for some, fortunately mine arrived in good condition

strigoi8141818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Amazon should show the numbers of returned not working ps4

Jihaad_cpt1818d ago

Why? It's not their practise to with other products

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