PS4 Offered by Amazon Affiliates at Enormously Inflated Prices After Successful Launch

The launch of the PS4 has been doubtlessly successful at least from the point of view of raw sales, selling a million units in 24 hours, but now that the dust has settled speculation is kicking in.

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black0o1795d ago

why not just wait a week or two

Stick891795d ago

There are two kinds of people that pay these kinds of prices. The first being people who have a ton of disposable income and just don't really care. And the other are parents who raised spoiled little shit kids that will throw a tantrum until they get it.

Normal people just wait till they are normally available :)

CaEsAr-1795d ago

I'm normal then. But it's so hard to wait when you follow the news everyday and see everybody enjoying next gen :(

Ripsta7th1795d ago

Cmon sony bring the new batch of consoles so these poeple wanting to buy a ps4 wont have to resort to those lowlife scumbags! >=/ been seeing alot on CL

2cents1795d ago

Money makes people do very selfish things unfortunately.
Very sorry state of affairs.

phoenix_dusk1795d ago

It's a hot item, people with disposable income who were late to preorder or didn't get a chance to snatch stocked PS4 on launch all over North America are trying to get one.

People who are patient will wait but the thing is black friday is next week and it's going to be hell trying to get PS4.

admiralvic1795d ago

How is this news?

Every hot ticket / extremely popular item gets sold at absurd rates after it sells out.

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