New Gran Turismo 6 Screenshots Prove the PS3 Still Has Life

Sony has released a batch of new screenshots for Gran Turismo 6 that detail the Ascari and Ronda racing circuit locations.

If you didn’t know any better you may very well think that the new screens are from a PS4 racing game, and not one for the PS3. Both courses have been brought to life digitally in near perfect renditions of the actual settings. You’ll see the insane level of detail that Polyphony took to faithfully recreate each location, especially in the Ronda screens thanks to its city setting.

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ZBlacktt1796d ago

I played this along with Driveclub and F5. Most are going to be blown away how this game looks. More so being on Last Gen ( weird saying that now ). It looked the best of all 3 when it came down to the smallest details. Yet just looking at the games, GT and F5 where really the same. You could tell DC needed more work.

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Loki861796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I've seen plenty of realtime footage of GT6 and it looks nowhere near Forza 5, stop kidding yourself.

ThatArtGuy1796d ago

Real time weather says, "Hi!"

ShinMaster1796d ago

Old Beta footage. Also biased.
Nice try

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Oagoz1796d ago

So beta footage is suppose to be better then a completed game? Weird.

yewles11796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

"it looks nowhere near Forza 5, stop kidding yourself."

You kidding? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

ZBlacktt1796d ago

Again son, I played them all. You are watching Youtube. Here, let me adviser to you so you buy my product. Again, the small details would be the cars I saw used in F5 disc brakes looked very poor in detail. When the camera pans over the cars it goes from real looking to this cartoonish look. You'd have to see it in person to understand. But again, both games looked very good.

sprinterboy1796d ago

Bad comparison video, try comparing f5 to gt6 with mountain panorama track, get a better comparison trust me it looks awesome

ABizzel11795d ago

There might be things in GT6 that look better than Forza 5, mainly because it's running at a lower resolution and practically been in development since the PS3 launched, compared to 2 years a 1 month MAX for Forza 5.

GT HD Concept -> GT5: Prologue -> GT5 -> GT6
Forza 4 (Oct. 2011) -> Forza 5 (Nov. 2013)

But overall GT can't look better than Forza 5 due to the difference in hardware. The XBO has a smarter CPU (key work smarter not better), a significantly better GPU over 2.5x more powerful than the entire PS3 console (CPU + GPU + RAM), and 16x the amount of RAM the PS3 has (of which 10x is being used for games right now). Forza has significantly better lighting, outer car models, reflections, small graphical effects (tire marks, etc...), and possibly AI (based on previews).

That being said it's sad to see Forza 5 still using the same techniques it used from last-gen to get the game running at 1080p @ 60fps, and an a PS3 game isn't to far behind it graphically, and outperforms it technically with weather + day and night cycles.

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PoSTedUP1796d ago

game looks next gen. the ammount of content: next gen. physics & new engine: next gen. if forza5 is next gen, so is this. PS3: NEXT GEN. its gonna be so awesome i cant wait!

Tzuno1796d ago

Well for sure ps3 momentarily does better than ps4.

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TruthInsider 1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Ding Dong !

I say!

If thats what PD can do on a PS3 imagine what GT7 will look like!

Forza has no chance!

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