Why livestreaming is the definitive next-gen feature and why you won't escape it

Livestreaming is a self-indulgent, narcissistic pastime of the millennial generation, which is to say it's the most important thing happening in video games right now.

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urwifeminder1796d ago

Yeah just watch me escape it live on twitch lol no thanks its great and all but will use once and never think of it again.

shoddy1796d ago

Live stream is awesome.
It's pretty neat to share gaming moment with friends

Spinal1796d ago

Actually I think live steaming to twitch is the best feature of the PS4 an I look forward to gettin involved in it when I decide to pick one up. Right now there's no games I want on the console.

SouLosT1796d ago

That's a shame. I find it a very inviting addition to console gaming.

urwifeminder1796d ago

Not against it at all its just something I will not use as when I go to play I will play not watch I guess like E sports I have never seen it either but its great for people who like that sort of thing just a useless one for me.

KingDadXVI1796d ago

I can see some people really getting into it. I will try it myself once MS and twitch finalize on the update for this app.

Don't expect any of the tinfoil hatters to use it though. LOL.

G_Hartley_1796d ago

My broadcast too either Twitch and Ustream are terrible.. Its so laggy and chopping. My DLS is 18Kbps and ULS of 6Kbps.. Even when i change the quality of the broadcast it doesn't help. Has anyone go any info on how to help this issue..

neocores1796d ago

Lol you internet is bad thats why lol

AdamJensen1796d ago

Please tell me you mixed up Kbps with Mbps, because that just makes me cry.

G_Hartley_1794d ago

Oh shite.. Yup hahaha. I had a giggle myself

SpinalRemains1381796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Much rather use my console to play a game than to watch some other shnook play his.

There's something inherently wrong about using your ps4 to watch others play theirs.

Ita like how technology leads us all to actually speak to one another less, and these new machines want us to speak them more.

The world is going ass backwards and its not for the better I'm afraid.

We are becoming more isolated and egomaniacal by the day.

Watch me, I'm special, but much too busy to call you......but Xbox on, baby!

pop-voxuli1796d ago

The hell I wont, I think this shit is stupid.

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