Were the Next-Gen Consoles Rushed to Market?

Omnigamer writes, "From blinking red and blue lights to HDMI Port issues, game delays to resolution upscale patches, it seems that the PS4 and the Xbox One were rushed to market. It’s troublesome when you remember that the Xbox 360 and the PS3 had one of the longest generational runs to date."

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MajorAly1848d ago

PlayStation 4 went into planning/development phase 6years earlier from today.

The current gen were stretched thin on their life cycle. So I would like to think that no the next-gen consoles were not rushed.

2cents1847d ago

both sides have stumbled to the finish line, trying to one-up eachother.

both require day one patches to function as intended which is very suspicious. Both probably could have done with another month or two in the oven.

My personal opinion is that Sony were slightly ahead of MS but not by much.

Im not fussed in the end though, Im just glad I get to have both on this side of christmas. It will be fun to see how both evolve over the coming years!

3 more Days till my Xbox arrives Woo Hoo!!!
then 10 more days till my PS4 arrives...

Im having a game-gasm!

MasterCornholio1847d ago

I believe that one of them was rushed but I won't say which one otherwise I'll just spark a conflict here and I don't want to deal with rabid fanboys.

Nexus 7 2013

heliumhead20301847d ago

Then why comment to begin with? Is it because your a rabid fanboy? Why do YOU THINK one was rushed? Because your a rabid fanboy? Or am I looking to far into this...

MorePowerOfGreen1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

I'll tell you which one then.

ADAM S. "had the XB1 a lot longer for review"

heliumhead20301847d ago

No way in hell. This current gen went on waaaaay to long,it seriously stagnated back in 2010/11. I knew these consoles were coming way back in June 2012, when I was debating on investing big on a gaming PC. My decision to hold off was based on my confidence in new consoles coming this year.

Consoles take years to plan and developed for anyway. Its sort of impossible to release these consoles rushed... Unless your nintendo

WeAreLegion1847d ago

I think from a hardware standpoint, they'll both be fine. Software...I think both of them may have been a BIT rushed. I'm sure Sony would have liked to have Gaikai out for launch. And a few other features. The same goes for the XBO and some of the promised features.

They HAVE to compete though. There's no way around it, short of some type of "truce". Lol.

Strikepackage Bravo1847d ago

Looks like PS4 was rushed, most of those issues have been on ps4 so far. Sony really wanted to release before Microsoft. We will see if MS also cut corners in a couple days.

xHeavYx1847d ago

You are so lame, Xbox fanboy with no facts, just mumbling things you wish you were true

XboxPS1847d ago

At least you justify your comments with links.

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