Intel i7-4770K Now Only $199

HardwarePal : Planning on building a new gaming rig this month and short on cash? Well Microcenter has got you covered. They have an epic deal waiting for you, they are offering Intel’s Latest Haswell i7 4770K for only $199 (wait what?).

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gusgusjr1847d ago

damn wish I had been putting my build together now and not spending the money on these two console launches.

FullmetalAlchemist1847d ago

Microcenter always has outrageous deals, too bad they don't deliver.

FullmetalAlchemist1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

don't know why the disagree's you really do have to drive to the store and pick up your item because they don't deliver

LordDhampire1846d ago

He ment they litterally dont deliver, it wasn't a joke or anything

You have to pick them up

Miskonius1846d ago

I know, i meant the price is so good that it hurts ;)

TedCruzsTaint1846d ago

Good price.
Don't really feel you get that much better performance, at least for games, with this though.

At that price though, might as well grab it.

Jdoki1846d ago

Yeah, if only building a gaming rig then an i5 would do great.

I got the 4770K as I do encoding. It flies. Not the greatest overclocker though. Managed to get a 19% speed bump up to 4.4GHz. Can do 4.6GHz but that is the max I can push it on air, and I prefer not to stress the chip too hard in the first few months.

Volkama1846d ago

Well both consoles run 8 cores, so it's highly likely that multiplat games will start taking full advantage of the extra threads an i7 offers over an i5. If I was building a gaming rig today I'd definitely go i7.

Jdoki1846d ago

That's an interesting point. I hadn't considered that.

During the last console gen it was obvious it had a huge impact on PC gaming, and I can only see that increasing this gen.

CrusRuss1846d ago

Still can't compete with AMDs GPUs

Are_The_MaDNess1846d ago

what does intel have to do with GPU's at all?
they dont make GPU's at all.......

and last i checked the 780ti beats whatever AMD got.
better cooling, less power need and higher performance.
but hey, you where the one starting this.

CrusRuss1846d ago

Ummm Intel don't make GPUs? What do you think is inside every i7 chip?

Lol you shouldn't post if you don't know what you're talking about.

Are_The_MaDNess1845d ago

don't even get me started on that.
there is a HUGE difference between an on-board intel HD graphics and a full fledged GPU.
do you know why they are not calling it a GPU? since it not made for Graphical Processing!
yes you can run HDMI out or even a DVI out from your motherboard and laptops with the second gen intel series or later. but its not made for games, its not made for GPU calculations.

and intel socalled "GPU's" are on the same die as the CPU, meaning its part of the CPU and is not its own device or part. it will never be of the same performance of a real GPU. its meant for small and easy applications.

CrusRuss1845d ago

Lol you were still wrong and I was still right. Intel cannot beat AMD GPUs. I'm not sure which part of it you can't follow but long explanations you pull from Wikipedia etc doesn't impress me when your original statement was clearly wrong and mine wasn't despite the disagrees LOL

TedCruzsTaint1846d ago

Really do hate when people don't know what they are talking about, though still feel the need to post.

Saryk1846d ago

I've been using AMD cpus for over 10 years, Intel clearly whips their ass. AMD=cheap, Intel=superior quality and performance. And no I am not some fan boy, I am a fan of performance.

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