Playstation 4 – AMD Jaguar CPU 1.8GHZ – PS4 Rumor and Two Disabled Compute Units

The Playstation 4”s AMD Jaguar CPU clock speed has yet to be officially confirmed by Sony, but there is recent evidence and rumors to suggest that the CPU is running at 1.8GHZ. Previously, based on comments from various developers and speculation we’d guessed the PS4′s CPU was running at 1.6GHZ. Remember that the AMD Jaguar is designed to run up to 2GHZ, so the 1.8GHZ is right in the Jaguar’s range.

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XB1_PS42815d ago

I think MS overclocked up to 1.75 because the box is so big, it ventilates well. While I believe that there is no problem with over heating on the PS4, I do believe there would be a problem if they clocked to 1.8.. That's a pretty big jump for a tiny box like PS4.

blackbeld2815d ago

"That’s basically 128 stream processors (64 per compute units). Or, about 204GFLOPS of computing power that’s not usable (just for fun)"

Interesting read. Still it's only rumours but if this is true then.. hmmmm.

Very nice.

yewles12815d ago

"Interesting read. Still it's only rumours but if this is true then.. hmmmm. "

The clockspeeds are rumor, but the two CU's were confirmed by chipworks. This proves that the PS4 has a gimped 7870 and the X1 has a gimped 7790, as two CU's were confirmed by MS devs as well.

Indo2815d ago


Future Proof

Computersaysno2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Radeon 7870 ghz has 20 CUs, 80 Texture Mapping Units, and 32 ROPS @ 1000mhz. Memory bandwidth is the same for 7870 and 7850, 153GB/s

Far as we know PS4 has 18 CUs (2 disabled) Probably 72 TMUS because of this (4 per cluster, 2 clusters disabled) and the full 32 ROPS.

Clockspeed as far as we know is 800mhz. Main system memory bandwidth is 176GB/s, but this is shared. There was talk the CPU gets about 20GB/s, which puts the remaining memory bandwidth for the GPU right in the ballpark of the Radeons it is based on (150Gb/s odd).

This makes PS4's GPU very slightly faster than a stock Radeon 7850.

The Jaguar based CPU runs between 1.5 and 2.0ghz on current applications in quad core variants. There were rumours PS4 was going to be 2ghz at one point.

It is perfectly realistic that it could run 1.8ghz in PS4, the architecture is lower power and designed for these clockspeeds.

The increase in heat and power consumption over 1.6ghz would be small and pretty insignificant.

You could push it over 2ghz but at that point you start to lose power/heat balance relative to performance, in other words it isn't worth it because the design isn't optimal for it. Those factors increase exponentially faster than performance does.

1.8ghz would represent a tiny and meaningless boost over Xbox One's CPU, but it would be faster.

What actually matters here is the resources reserved by Sony/Microsoft.

Sony may eventually be able to give back a core or at least a percentage of CPU utilisation as time goes by and they refine their OS.

ChrisW2814d ago


Unless you consider "Future Proof" being able to last and out-perform for a century or more, I'd avoid using it.

n4rc2814d ago

Its been a marketing battle...

Trust me.. If sony got it above 1.75 they would have announced it.. My guess is its at 1.6..

Rocky52814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Need to remember MS has a custom Jaguar, each core can do 6 ops/cycles per core instead of the 4 per core the PS4 does, so upping the clock a tad would not do much for the PS4

If they increased the GPU speed then that would probably give a better result, but may cause bottlenecks due to the CPU speeds.

But if you start upclocking CPU/GPU more heat get produced & with the PSU internal that's even more heat.

For all we know the clock speed could be bellow 1.6, until Sony officially announce it we can only speculate.

Also aren't Sony legally bound to release the specs, for products that are released? You can't sell something without telling people what it is/does/can do.

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Abriael2815d ago

Too bad that it says clearly "estimate" and it's from October to begin with.

Computersaysno2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

We'll soon find out if someone can dump the system details, if nothing else we can get clockspeeds like we had when a hacker did it to Wii U. You can bet someone is already working on it if Sony don't care to tell us.

1.6ghz or 1.75ghz or 1.8ghz it doesn't matter too much, 2ghz would be a good jump over 1.6ghz (25 percent more) but it probably wouldn't be that high due to yields and voltages therefore power consumption/heat trade off.

Anything between 1.6 and 2.0ghz is realistic.

Fact is Microsoft squeezed a bit more speed out their CPU- how?

They did it by talking to AMD, and examining if they could still make a lot of chips that worked within design parameters. You only know this when you start making then and testing them!

The goalposts do move quite quickly.

If Microsoft did it by talking to AMD and testing their chips, why wouldn't Sony also?

Stands to reason they also had this discussion, whats the best speed we can get that means we make enough working chips?

It is possible they left it at 1.6ghz, but also entirely possible they could have a little bump too.

gamertk4212815d ago

Probably downclocked to 1.5 for fear of heat issues.

dericb112815d ago

Your IQ is 1.5 cause you really can't read can you.

sprinterboy2815d ago

People like you need educating, I feel sorry for you

HardcoreDaBoss2814d ago

hes obviously a troll and hes npot good at it

ELCUCO2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Secret sauce confirmed?

Edit: btw I'm running a 7200rpm HDD in the PS4 which as of now has produced no more heat than my PS3 would (Knock on wood).

Abriael2815d ago

Nope, it's just an "estimate" from a website, and it's old to begin with.

kingduqc2814d ago

A slow ass cpu running at 1.8 ghz... wow.

btw ps4 got sata 2, so you will get bottle necked by it if anyway (somehow they are using fucking old standard)

hiredhelp2814d ago

Called keeping cost down SATA 2 is still ok lets face it if ppl can run 72,000rpm drives compared to 52,000rpm on ps3 its gonna help.

kingduqc2814d ago


Sata 2 limit 7200 rpg drive and ssd and ssd/hdd hybrid drive.

decrypt2814d ago


Thats 7200rpm, 5400rpm, i think the fastest hard drives out there achieve 15000rpm lol.

ELCUCO2814d ago

I was also kind of skeptical about it, which is why I wanted to try it out. I did a speed comparison with a few buddies of mine. 3 of us Installed BF4 at the exact same time. The single player portion was ready to play almost instantly. Theirs took a few minutes, but what really impressed me was that the full game installation was done in almost half the time of theirs.

Heres another example I pulled off of youtube comparing stock HDD (5400RPM) to 7200RPM on a PS3, Which is not SATA III

hiredhelp2814d ago

Thx decrypt late night lol.
@kinducqc. 7200 is better than ps3 5200 thats what im aiming at yes a ssd would be awsome replacement. As fastest drives sandsik for example. But there still costly when comes to magnetic drives when comes to high capacity drives low cost.

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codelyoko2815d ago

Duplicate :P

Remove the extra compute thing, should be fine then i guess.

dericb112815d ago

Kept hearing it was 1.7GGHZ, now it's 1.8GHZ. They put in some real work. Proud to remain on Team Playstation.

Autodidactdystopia2815d ago

why work cause they changed the base clock, by literally changing a setting?

AMD did the work... all they did IF they did was change a setting from like 116mhz to 118mhz multiplier would remain unchanged.

Sevir2815d ago

Its a joint venture by AMD and Sony's Engineering team. AMD may have supplied thechips but the upclocking, Customizing of compute units and more was done and tested extensively by SCEJ.