Ryse embargo raises many red flags

Ryse looks like a beautiful game, but then why is Microsoft hiding it? Are we having the wool pulled over our eyes?

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TheLyonKing3364d ago

Aren't Embargo's usually for hype?

I am not sure on that but I feel it builds tension just waiting to hear something about it.

Gazondaily3364d ago

A lot of heavy hitters had quite late embargoes like GTA 5 for example. It doesn't necessarily mean there is something to hide but my first reaction when I heard that Forza and Ryse have late review embargoes was that of skepticism.

Time will tell.

OrangePowerz3364d ago

Depends on the game I think. For like GTA5 I think they didn't want to have too much of the game spoiled early and had the late embargo.

Ibviously it can help with creating more hype.

Not sure what the plan for Ryse is. Given it's Crytek I doubt there is much to spoil judging by their last 2 games.

Volkama3364d ago

If it was just Ryse I'd be concerned. It is Ryse and Forza though, and Forza is a pretty safe bet so I suspect these are the 2 games MS is really getting behind and the embargo is just part of the plan to maximise commercial impact.

tigertom533364d ago

am sure they want to spread out the release info to keep the hype going up until lunch am sure it will be 7 or higher scores on average..

JokesOnYou3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Ryse isn't the first game to have late reviews, actually it happens with lots of games these days. It's how they build hype through PR, still doesn't mean you have to buy anything. I mean those who want Ryse and preordered given all the heat/scrutiny on this game just don't care and are intent to try the game for themselves, those waiting for reviews will have them before launch and can wait to buy the game depending on what the reviews really this is fabricating a problem when there is none.

sigfredod3364d ago

buy it first complain later philoshopy

Eonjay3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

I'm not to worried about Ryese... sure the story will suck and the gameplay will be dry, but that is a Hallmark of Crytek's visually stunning work. If people are expecting a captivating story and nail biting gameplay.... well nobody is expecting that so take it for what it is. There is nothing to be "worried" about.

theshonen88993363d ago

Normally the only reason an embargo is placed is to delay reviews from hurting pre-orders and day 1 sales. If a game is good the publisher will want reviews early so that they can market it as much as possible in their trailers and ads with scores and box quotes. Hence why The Last of Us's had reviews weeks before it shipped and Killzone/Knack had reviews only a few days before launch.

x5exotic3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Well GTA 5 was promised to be a much detailed version of Los Santos as a "fair trade" to taking away two major cities, and what did we get?
No Jetpacks, no flame throwers, half-assed cheats, half-assed car modifications that only make the cars look uglier, such variety of cars that you find a whole block full of the SAME car, no body modifications (gym, food, good haircuts), and all the other fun stats, in a so-called 'superficial city, and end-game missions on a scale of that used in early-game (assassinate 5 dudes to beat game lol)

OH AND A DOGE! much hype. such detail. wow.

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dedicatedtogamers3364d ago

Let's give the game a chance to prove itself. Are the "haters" (I put that in quotes because this game isn't going to appeal to everyone) going to change their mind if it gets great scores?

Are the "fanboys" (again, in quotes because some people are genuinely interested in Ryse and that's ok) going to change their mind and not get the game or get an XBox One if the reviews are bad?

Of course not. The people who want to get it will get it, the people who aren't interested in Ryse will dismiss it. Let's start off this generation on a good note. Let's not become obsessed with review scores all over again.

MyNameIsNotRick3364d ago

I agree. Also, there are a lot of guys like me who are waiting for reviews. I think a lot of us want it because it looks good (I also love stuff about Rome) but don't want to pay 60 bucks crap gameplay. I hope its good...

tagan8tr3364d ago

The only reviews that should matter are those from reviewers that consistantly rate games the way you do kotaku could slam a game if giantbomb says that same game is good I'll buy it.

Bigpappy3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Why would they be hiding the most scrutinized game of the launch. The pre-orders aren't even leading the pack. The demo's have shown up at every event.
My only guess for the embargo is to have an element of surprise in the single player. Something to get people to run out to the stores maybe.

Why is RYse getting all of this attention anyway? Isn't Foza also part of that embargo? Ryse is a new IP and completely different from any other launch title. They could have easily put an embargo on DR3, as that also is a key title.

The answer is that M$ is aware of the interest and wants to keep the speculation and interest going as long as they can

xHeavYx3364d ago

I'm pretty sure it works the opposite way, with companies showing early why you should run to the store to buy the game.
In my opinion, this game is just pretty characters, nothing more. The combat is repetitive, you win even if you miss the right button combination, enemy AI is dumb. This game will be a 6

osprey193364d ago

I think its not number 1 in pre-orders because its a new IP and people had a rather mixed first impressions with it.

slate913364d ago


Seriously how you have all of those bubbles boggles my mind. I see your blind biased comments in every article on here and it is quite frustrating. You haven't touched the game. You ignore the all positive reviews the game has received and thrive on the few negatives it has received.

I agree pappy. If they were hiding it we would barely have gameplay to see, and it wouldnt be playable at all the events. Forza 5, I believe, is in no danger at all for negative reviews as the past titles have reviewed well. So the whole "hiding it from negative press" theory goes down the drain imo. Im predicting ryse to be 7-8.5 range, unless critics are blown away by its story telling and gameplay. Or of course, the gameplay is terrible followed up with a generic story line.

Bathyj3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

All the attention is because Xbox fans having been touting it as a flagship graphics title. If it turns out graphics is all it is, a lot of people are going to eat a bit of crow.

Personally I think it looks pretty good. We know it's pretty, but I like the setting, I love the series Rome, and I actually think the combat looks more fun than the latest Batman game, that's for sure. If it's smooth and intuitive I can see this being a good game.

I do think it's a bit of a worry, no reviews. MS aren't normally ones to stay quiet when they have anything positive to say. I think they are concerned the damage bad reviews could do right before launch. I guess we'll see soon.

christocolus3364d ago

Im definitly getting ryse ... i just hope the reviews are good though.

tagan8tr3364d ago

@slate91 and your tantrum doesn't indicate your allegiance you invalidate your own statement.

JokesOnYou3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Bathyj it works both ways because a lot of xbox fans know Ryse "looks" better than any ps4 game at launch, so when sonyfanboys spew BS saying there's going to be some huge gap in graphics then of course Ryse is an easy example of why people like myself say "yeah whatever". Sure ps4 will have some beautiful games but until there is something that makes Ryse look considerably behind in graphics nobody besides sony loyal fans is going to drink the koolaid.

Talk is talk, what we see with our eyes is worth a million words. It baffles me why that shocks ps fans just like the whole 1080p stuff, its natural to counter with Forza5 etc when we know there are 1080p games on the box from devs who put in the work vs rushed we can debate all the politics and reasons for the pros and cons but it is what it is and if ps fans throw mud it's only natural to counter with legitimate examples of why we see it as more BS talk vs reality of what's on store shelves.

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speedforce1313364d ago

Reviews can affect sales so if the game is known beforehand it'll review low, then they will hold it back as far as they can, that way, people will buy the game just based off of what they have seen and they end up making more money that way.

It's similar to the movie industry where studios will not give advance screenings to critics. They want people to watch the movie on impulse so that they can make some quick money that way.

There are other reasons as well, such as not wanting the game to be spoiled (like GTAV). It really depends though, it's up to the publisher what they want to do.

Bigpappy3364d ago

Frist off, we would have to assume M$ knows the review score from all of these web sites. We would also have to assume that Forza is also getting very bad reviews.

Forza has never gotten bad reviews. I see no reason why it would start now. Again why all the focus on Ryse?

tagan8tr3364d ago

@Bigpappy now that is well said bubble up

Wh15ky3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )


The focus is on ryse because it's a new ip.

Surely thats obvious, is'nt it?

Whereas, people know what to expect from the fifth installment of a racing game.

"Frist off, we would have to assume M$ knows the review score from all of these web sites."

Do you honestly not think they have had any feedback to give them an idea of how the game will go down with reviewers?

Whats your theory as to reasons of the embargo?

DiRtY3364d ago

GTA V, Last of Us, Beyond, Forza and Ryse ---> all have embargos.

Blaze9293364d ago

it's normal for embargoes not to release until the day the game releases now. Why are people digging into this too deep?

Drekken3364d ago

Feel the hype by not being allowed to talk about our game!! Yeah... that makes sense.

Hype is glowing previews and great reviews. So far the previews have not been too good.

2cents3364d ago

Probably because this is THE flagship action game for the Xbox One and we all know how people cant be happy for others. So Im 100% sure that there are many bias reviewers from lame gaming site just waiting to shred Ryse and Vise Versa.

It does make me wonder a little though as we have seen this in the past with god-awful games being shipped before people have even had a chance to review them.

Personally, Ryse is a day one for me. I really enjoyed the methodic approach to fighting, the visuals are stunning and the source material is compelling. Although I only got to play one round of the multiplayer (for over an hour) I was completley sucked in to the atmosphere, I have the benefit of having a very active imagination, so I was that gladiator in that areana and I want more!

Review scores be damned for this one.

Anon19743364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

I wouldn't think anything of this if it wasn't for the negative things we've been hearing prior to the launch. Didn't one site comment on the Ryse demo that combat was bout as much fun as dialing phone numbers? I mean, how can that type of thing not make you feel a little apprehensive for this game. There have been other rumors floating around Twitter that the Ryse campaign can be finished in and hour and a half. And knowing that this started as a 360 Kinect game, and then dropped Kinect doesn't really instill a lot of confidence either. Crytek isn't exactly known for their fantastic gameplay.

Phils_Libra3363d ago

Yep, was GameInformer whom related the gameplay to dialing phone numbers in their preview. Google "ryse son of rome gameinformer" and see/read. Will be very interesting to see the final reviews later this week.

Godmars2903363d ago

Then again, what else haven't they shown? How often have they shown off the game yet now are holding off on actual reviews?

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ElementX3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

MS is staggering the embargoes and I actually prefer it. Who wants to go online and see 100s of reviews all in one day? I'd rather have something to look forward to every few days than get all of the reviews at once.

aviator1893364d ago

I can see that.
Honestly, when I see a bunch of reviews for different games in one day, I normally just read one and tend to skim over the other ones because of work and school.
I dig how they're staggered out like this, definitely gives me solid time to go over each.

AnthonyJrWTF3364d ago

This is the reason. It's a steady pace of reviews and news that keeps them in the highlights every day up until launch. They saved the two graphical workhorses for last.

cyguration3363d ago

What about for people who don't care about ALL of the Xbox One's launch games?

What about people who were only eying Ryse but wanted to wait for the reviews before making the plunge? Now, for day-one, they may have to go with something else to buy with their Xbox One.

Early reviews helps people make better decisions.

Neonridr3364d ago

If Aliens: Colonial Marines is anything to go by in recent memory...

But just because we haven't heard anything yet doesn't automatically make it a bad thing. We will find out soon enough I guess.

Zack_attack3364d ago

I heard they planned on staggering their reviews over the few days before release, rather than all in one day. Another review will be out today.

jackanderson19853364d ago

according to IGN the embargo for the hardware itself is lifted today at 9pm ET (could be PT, irish myself so i'm on GMT and won't see either till tomorrow morning) and an editor at eurogamer mentioned in the comments the reason for the delay on Ryse and Forza was down to the copies being delivered later than the rest and as such embargos got extended

Zack_attack3364d ago

I'm assuming they delivered them a few days later to stagger the reviews like I said. If you gave people every game at once, I have a feel it would be prematurely reviewed after only an hour of gameplay on each title.

Ashby_JC3364d ago

Timing is everything.

Staggering information makes sense. This past few days there has been fresh info regarding games etc about the XBOX ONE.

Build up until launch.

ITS WORKING!! (for me at least...first launch console!!)

Convas3364d ago

You could also look at this as MS giving reviewers to actually playthrough the game at a comfortable pace.

Just spitballin'.

speedforce1313364d ago

no, they've already played through the game, they're just waiting to publish the review.