Killer Instinct Review | EGM

"While [Eric L. Patterson is] still not a fan of Killer Instinct’s dial-a-combo mentality nor its eclectic cast of characters, Double Helix’s efforts to bring the series back from the dead are commendable—and while some mistakes were made along the way, this is probably the most interesting and enjoyable the franchise has ever been."

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bessy671796d ago

The first line of his review is "I’ve never liked Killer Instinct."

Then why are you reviewing it?

solidjun51796d ago

I agree. Sorta like Arthur Geiss of Polygon reviewing Killzone.

Anyway, by all accounts this game plays great from all the videos I've watched. Double Helix have seemed to calmed a lot of nervous considering their track record. My friend has told me that it's easy to pick up and rewarding to try to master.

baraka0071796d ago

yeah i'm going to play it for myself and see

bessy671796d ago

Yeah, me too. I'll play around with Jago for a while and see if I want to buy the game. And I'm not necessarily saying the reviewer is wrong, it just seems weird that someone who states that they are biased against a franchise is reviewing the latest game in said franchise.