Amazon: Xbox One to be biggest and fastest selling console ever - until the PS4 arrives has said that the Xbox One will be the biggest and fastest selling console in its history when it arrives this Friday, November 22nd.

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Majin-vegeta1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

How many countries is the PS4 releasing in Europe next week??.

@Below thanks.If PS4 managed to sell 1 mill in just NA alone releasing in 20.places at once is gonna cause a major advantage.

TomShoe1797d ago

I can see it now.

Xbox is going to sell 1.1 million units in 24 hours because it launches in 20 countries instead of 3, and the Xbox will proclaim themselves the winners of the console wars.

Then Sony will launch everywhere else. Greatness.

GadgetGooch1797d ago Show
TheLyonKing1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

They won't say it quite like that and they know Sony would counter that statement anyway so would be pointless


So glad that you have had time to sit with both consoles over a lengthy period of time and decided that the X1 is better...oh wait you haven't have you?

One thing I hope for is for blind fanboyism to leave but that won't be very likey this gen either

abzdine1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

what i hate with x1 is kinect, no power and looks aweful. also the fact MS obviously sees consumers as cash cows...
futureproof console with amazing first party is the most important thing to me (PS4 and Wii U)

the fact x1 is skipping most european markets is massive!! PS4 will lead the way like no console has ever done.

thrust1797d ago

What I hate about the ps4 is nothin is new it just a ps3 with hardware upgrades, oh yeah I forgot a touchpad!

From the reports psn is still the same leggy mess aswell.

OT, it all depends who makes the most consoles!

abzdine1797d ago

"from the reports"

please keep quiet next time.

Thehyph1797d ago

Really though.

Aside from problems on launch day, I haven't seen one complaint since.

I never get disconnected from psn, and downloads consistently run as fast as my 30MB can provide (at least by my counting vs watch calculation)

IcicleTrepan1797d ago


Why do you even give a crap how many units each one sells?

MWong1797d ago

I am sure the XBO will have a smooth launch. Should be very interesting to see how many units they sale on launch day since they are releasing in more countries on day 1 compared to the PS4's NA launch.

I think once the PS4 releases in the other 13 markets on 11/29 & December then they should compare numbers. But, the fact still remains of the PS4 selling 1.06 million consoles in 2 days in North America alone is an amazing feet.

qu1ckset1797d ago

@thrust I actually own the ps4 and is not laggy at all , psn had some issues on launch day but fixed now!

And all I wanted was a upgraded 360 or PS3 with an amazing controller , and sony delivered with a good price tag!

I loved xbox, and xbox360, and hated ps3 but M$ had to go all out with kinect which I hate and will not buy into! , and on top of that have weaker specs and costs more!..

Going to need more then Titanfall and Halo to get XBO a head of sony this gen!

Sono4211797d ago

@Thrust..... *Sigh* You can tell this excuse is going to be used to death... "Sony only sold more because they made more!" ...... tell yourselves whatever you need to man. Also as for them changing nothing.. you have no idea what your talking about.. I have a PS3 and a PS4 and if it wasn't for the fact that it said playstation on it I would never guess it's the next installment in the Playstation brand.

Everything about the PS4 is different from the PS3.. literally. It would be easier to say the things it has in common than to make the long list of differences.. VERY happy with my PS4.. the experience has been flawless. Could care less what the competition is doing now, PS4 is all i'll ever need.. although I admit i'm getting a gaming PC soon but there's no way i'm abandoning my PS4.

gaffyh1797d ago

Considering the fact that the Xbone is out this Friday, I haven't seen a single ad just for the console. I've seen a couple of COD ads.

warczar1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )


Just wondering what "killer app" you are excited to get with kinect? Are you gonna have a dance dance revolution? or maybe you can't wait to watch T.V. through your console? I know, your excited that you will be able to shut the damn thing off by giving it the finger. X1 has innovation coming out it's ass. /s

UltimateMaster1797d ago

After seeing the Australian sales giving 2:1 ratio of people wanting PS4 over Xbox One, I would not be worried too much if I were Sony.

The PS4 will be the fastest selling console within it's first month and launch year.

I tough Xbox were releasing X1 in 13 countries, they dropped it down to 13.

mrnice1796d ago

great news psn going to be even better with all them people. it cant cope now.

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MRMagoo1231797d ago

kinda obvious xbone will be the biggest seller till the ps4 hits the uk and europe, there are far more ppl with common sense and logic.

Pogmathoin1797d ago

You mean Sony fanboys? I think thats what you meant right? If it was common sense and logic, people would be buying a PC, and Cameron would never have won...

MysticStrummer1797d ago

"If it was common sense and logic, people would be buying a PC"

Many many people who own PCs don't care about PC gaming. The games they want to play are on consoles, so common sense and logic tell them to buy a console.

SL1M DADDY1797d ago

So let me get this right, Sony releases the PS3 in North America alone and sells a million console in a day and the XboxOne gets released this week in over 20 countries and is hoping to beat that? I hope they do for their sake! If they don't then they need to rethink their marketing strategy.

DOMination-1796d ago

They are talking about the UK

ModernBioshock1797d ago

Damn you guys will say anything to feel better about buying your ps4 won't you? Lol who cares anyway honestly you guys will be playing your ps4 I'll be playing my ps4 and my xbox one so who really wins in the end? The people who can afford both I guess :) sorry suckers

IAmSovereign1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

EDIT: Ignore this.

Mac4201796d ago

Lol no, the people who got the console they wanted are. Xbox doesn't deserve as much flak as it has been receiving but with MS track record an customer relations , you would just have to be an idiot to not see why a lot of people are pissed. MS has never done anything good for its customers ever, unless it benefits them in some way or form.

Kornholic1796d ago

In nordic countries like Finland the Xbox One isn't released until next year, for some reason.

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TheLyonKing1797d ago

Good for the xbox and even better for the ps4.

It will be interesting to see u.k numbers for the consoles.

kneon1797d ago

On Amazon UK's 2013 top sellers in video games the XB1 is sitting at #37 and the PS4 is at #3.

If they say the XB1 launch is going to be big then the ps4 launch is going to be massive.

mcstorm1797d ago

I agree it will be interesting to see the uk and USA numbers of the Xbox one but this shows that the Xbox one is not going to be a flop from the start like people on this site have been saying.

We will also have a better idea in 12 months time on which console Will be the leader and how well the others will do.

I hope Nintendo manage to push the wiiu again now though as it now has the games and is a under rated console.

I do think Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will have successful consoles come the end of this gen and it is way to early to say what will happen just like this gen people thought the 360 and ps3 could not catch the Wii numbers but they are now getting close and people have seen we can have 3 successful consoles in one gen so it could happen again.

Jay70sgamer1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

McStorm I agree with everything you said except ps3 or ps4 catching wii ..they are 20,000,000 consoles behind they got a little closer but not close enough ..they are not gonna catch the wii.... after this Christmas.sales for both machines are gonna drop dramatically because of there new machines other words the 360 and ps3 would have to sell 555,000 units a month for the next 3 years to catch the wii.....that's not gonna happen but I agree all three are gonna do well this generation I believe ....never count out nintendo

TruthInsider 1796d ago

I have no doubt at all the PS3 will overtake wii.
Sony will sell the PS3 for a few years yet like they did PS2,it hasn't hit the magic £99 yet either!

Seafort1797d ago

Yeah the only reason Xbox360 did so well in UK was because the PS3 launched over a year later and more expensive so everyone and their friends bought the X360 instead.

The UK was a PS stronghold before that.

MS won't do that well in UK this time especially not with the price difference.

mcstorm1796d ago

I have to disagree with it being the only reason. Yes the 360 cost less but it was also pushed more here too and the game shops were even pushing the console more too. Also the 360 is more expensive still in the uk over the ps3 and is still outselling it here.

Im not saying the One will out sell the PS4 here but no one really knows what is going to happen.

2cents1797d ago

lol, seven day for MS to blow their trumpet. Then...

Wa Wa Waaaaa....

BX811797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I think you mean a whole gen. Also you better hope that PSN can hold all this traffic. I have a feeling theyre gonna be some net work problems. I don't think Sony anticipated MS screwing up E3 like that.

TruthInsider 1796d ago

Yes if only they had a prior online console that had 80 million sales.

Why would XLive hold up but PSN wouldn't?
Enlighten us all.

BX811796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Stand by for enlightenment.......step 1 don't get defensive........ Step 2 understand that I know what I say isn't fact just my opinion...... I didn't say anything about Xbox live. What I did hint at was, MS screwed the pooch at E3. This left a sour taste in some gamers mouths, thus causing an influx of Sony ps4 buyers on top of the loyal fans. Sure Sony accounted for its loyal fans but there is no way they could've forecasted MS messing up, sending them more traffic. Let's be honest neither Sony or MS had flawless networks this gen so I can only Assume this would cause a problem. Has psn been perfect since the ps4 launch? Let me know, I don't have a ps4 yet. Gonna wait a little. I know u read my comment and wanted to defend Sony but it wasn't even a knock on them.

True_Samurai1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Kinda like PS is now? Brags about selling 1 million in north America. Than MS comes back with a hire number than Sony goes

Wa waaa waaa

Jury1797d ago

I gave you a disagree because you're dumb

MRMagoo1231797d ago

you mean MS hires numbers ???? i knew they paid for reviews but now they hire actual sales ?

HammadTheBeast1797d ago

Here, let me explain something.

PS4 had the highest launch sales of any console, in only North America. XBO is selling in 13(?) countries day one, so it'll no doubt be higher. Then, the next week, Sony releases the PS4 in the other 20 countries.

RiPPn1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Sony only launched in 2 regions on the 15th and broke records. It launches in 30 more on the 29th. 20 of which are in Europe. To compare Microsoft is launching in a total of 13.


Sevir1797d ago

Lol, Wont sell nearly as much as Sony in the US! The PS4 is the holiday item for this year. The XBO will sellout in its ho-hum 13 markets on the 21's but PS4 will have launched in 30 more markets a week later, 20 of that 30 is in Europe. Say it with me 32 > 13.

There wont be any bragging froom Ms when Sony will cover everywhere MS launches in Blue one week later.

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Phoenix761797d ago

@2cents. Isn't Wa Wa Waaaaaaa, the intro tune to the new xbox when you turn it on? Lol

kingPoS1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Tech 9:
♫ When I read the magazine, them rapper's sounding like
WAH WAH WAH (Crybaby)
When I see them on the TV, them rapper's sounding like
WAH WAH WAH (Whatcha crying bout?)♫

It seemed appropriate. lol

Gateway MT6706 2008

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Buzz7S1797d ago

*insert generic comment about pre-ordering both consoles or being a fan of both, before ignorantly stating something irrelevant to the topic. But because the comment was made about pre-ordering both consoles, you feel your ignorance is justified*

Without a doubt, that $100 difference in cost will play a huge role in the number of consoles shipped to customers from Amazon. And being Europe, where many of the additions to the Xbox One and Xbox LIVE won't be available at launch, that gives gamers more of a reason to get the PS4 before the Xbox One.

But hey, competition is good, right?

Langkasuka1797d ago

What I see is that Amazon's winning so hard at the console launches, they gonna pop the champagne twice for both sides, hehehee...

thrust1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Ipad went mad

TruthInsider 1796d ago

Well said (bubbled)!

Can't stand them "i've got both consoles, i am better than you" people.

What don't people understand?

I do not want an Xbone
I would not have an Xbone if it was given to me.
I hate MS.
They tried to ruin gaming.
I can't believe a word that comes out of their lying, PR rehearsed mouths.
They would charge your Grandma for the sugar in her tea if they could!

I hope they fail massively and give up, leaving Nintendo to build a better console and therefore the competition.
Or leave a gap for someone else like Samsung!

Just go MS, only the ill-informed, people who like being ripped off and lied to, and those a bit slow will buy your horrible TV centric box.