GamesAsylum | Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know - Review

GamesAsylum: "We feel safe in saying that there’s no other cartoon series currently more deserving of a videogame tie-in than Adventure Time. WayForward showed us late last year that they have a fondness for Finn and Jake with the US-only ‘Hey Ice King, Why Did You Steal Our Garbage?!’ while show creator Pendleton Ward is clearly an avid gamer with nods and winks to various videogames rife in the cartoons.

What should be a match made in heaven though has clearly been hindered by budget, not to mention a seemingly short development period that has resulted in a lack of ambition"

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Nevers0ft1793d ago

I'm desperately trying to cancel my pre-order for this after seeing a few reviews. How could they screw-up something so potentially awesome?