Xbox designers review Sony's PlayStation 4

Fast Company: Even if you don't know the design consultancy Teague, you know their work--ranging from the original Polaroid camera to the interiors of almost every Boeing plane to date. They were also the firm Microsoft tapped to design their original Xbox, conceptualize controllers for the Xbox brand, and create the Xbox 360 racing wheel. Imagine our delight when they volunteered to apply their expertise in a critique of the Xbox's latest and greatest competitor, the PlayStation 4.

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theBAWSE2771d ago

wondering what can they say? Sony built a smaller console than the xbone without a huge power brick that is more powerful...

OK let's have a read...

Neonridr2771d ago

you do realize that inside the PS4 is a huge power brick right? Sony just opted to have the power adapter inside the console instead of outside like Microsoft. But the PS4 has a massive power supply too, so I wouldn't really poke fun.

Personally (but ultimately I could care less) I would have the power supply outside as it is just one more thing to dissipate heat, and I would much rather it do that outside on its own.

bobacdigital2771d ago

You do realize bigger box and bigger power brick take up way more space in the limited space most people have in their media centers??

Id take huge internal power brick over an external one any day of the week ...

Lets not forget the ps4 has a better cpu / gpu / and faster ram ... WHich means the cooling inside the machine is much better as well.

Seraphemz2771d ago

But Sony was able to HIDE it INSIDE the PS4 and still manage to make the PS4 SMALLER and more powerful....

Imagine if they took out the space they used to hide the brick inside...

xHeavYx2771d ago

It is rumored that the reviewers were found in a state of paralysis, mumbling "great...ness...."

majiebeast2771d ago

This coming from 2 people who designed the original xbox that thing was hideous, lets not even talk about the original controller(the duke). You can start critising when you actually made a good looking console.

Stick892771d ago

Sony had the power brick inside of all their consoles and they have never had any kind of heat issues. If they can manage to shove it inside the console, and do so without jeopardizing the heat integrity, than why not?

ExCest2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

@ bob A bettter cpu/gpu/ram doesn't make better cooling. It's how they're built that dictates the cooling through architecture design and chipset choice.

I'd also prefer an internal brick too, though. It's just more space to have an external, which is preferable even if it provides better cooling.

Neonridr2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

@bobacdigital - I love how all I said was the fact that the PS4 has a large power adapter, and suddenly you brought up how the PS4 has better internal specs. I have no clue how that has any merit in this conversation, but whatever makes you feel better.

I merely pointed out a simple fact and I get blasted for it, oh N4G you never cease to amaze me.

And personally I don't know anyone who actually puts the power adapter inside the TV unit with the actual console. I place the power adapter on the floor behind the TV stand. Nobody can see it, so ultimately who cares if it's internal or external?

heliumhead20302771d ago

@bobacdigital bro your talking like were in China living in smaller then dorm-sized apartments. Who has limited space next to their tv? And please get your facts straight. The ps4 does not have a better CPU and GPU can't be compared because they aren't what you'd buy in a store. Gddr5 > ddr3 but their not even the same type of ram which makes the CPU even more slower and dumb PLUS esRAM > gddr5

sigfredod2771d ago

by your logic if the "huge power brick" is outside of the xbone, at least the should be same size, but reality is that even outside the xbone is stil a huge plain box

Neonridr2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

@sigfredod - I don't care which one is bigger than the other. How does the size of the power adapter in any way shape or form make me enjoy the games more?

I am not purchasing a PS4 because it has a smaller power brick, I am buying it because it has games I want to play.

I don't know what your reasoning is behind which console you support, but the size of the power supply is pretty low on my list of requirements.

bobacdigital2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

I apologize.. I simply meant that with better specs, smaller form factor, and an internal power supply sony managd to keep the heat factor Iow without forcing us to have a huge power brick.

I have a 360 and you would be lying if you didnt say that brick wasn't annoying. . I know some people have a lot of space and it doesn't matter. But it is just easier to manage and more organized not having a huge power brick behind your tv when you have other consoles a receiver and a router.

Neonridr2771d ago

@bobacdigital - I understand what you are saying completely. I was merely pointing out that the PS4's power adapter is not small in any sense of the word. It is just cleverly hidden inside the PS4. And yes, the fact that they could contain all of that inside a smaller box to begin with speaks volumes of the Sony engineers.

I never once said anything bad about the PS4 or it's specs.

It just seems stupid that the original poster made it necessary to make it a pissing match about which console has a larger power adapter.

Mike134nl2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Seems to me that the xb1 designers were pressured to design their box with possible overheating and reliability in mind.
With the box being larger using a bigger fan and being less powerfull it should be less likely to overheat and also quiter due to large fan.

n4rc2771d ago

Well to be fair here... Sony has never said to leave it on for 10 years straight like ms has with the x1.

If they can accomplish that.. Then their design choice makes perfect sense.. With x1 being integrated to your cable and automatic downloads etc.. I'd want to leave it on so being larger to accommodate that is a easy trade off.. We've all seen the internal images.. Its just empty space


if the "Huge Power Brick" is inside the ps4, then imagine how small the ps4 would be if it was on the outside ?

like what, the size of the game cube?

if they put the xb1 power-brick inside the system, how much bigger would the xb1 be? the size of an air conditioner?

anyway you put it, it's a plus on sony's part. look at how hot the 360 ran even with the brick on the outside.

NeloAnjelo2771d ago

The overall console is still smaller though. Making it more ascetically pleasing.

Speaks volumes for design that a more powerful device is smaller... Both in width and height (and probably weight)

D-riders2771d ago

It's called better engineering

Computersaysno2771d ago

The volume of Xbox one plus it's power brick versus the same hardware all integrated inside PS4 must add up to an absolutely enormous difference.

I haven't done the math but it must be getting on for taking up twice the space

Dee_912771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Last sentences from article
"Our thought is that they should have put everything into the new controller. This should be the face of the PS4. The console needs to be supportive, not central to the gaming experience."


They say this because they know the Xbox One controller is decent looking( looks better than the original but then again the original was hideous) but the console itself is a refrigerator.

chaosdemon092771d ago

Yes because all electroics have a brick that if swung around can probley kill a I for one think its awesome the ps4 with so much power uses the same plug they used in the ps2 days. ^^

cityboy1002771d ago

Funny how u get disagrees when u speak truth and didn't make a personal attack. U fanboys are a joke . I seen a tear down of the ps 4 and yes it has a big power brick inside. No I'm not a fanboy boy and I own all the consoles.

CryofSilence2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

That's exactly what I was thinking, Majiebeast. Bubbles for you.

Your name seems fitting, heliumhead. ;) The GPU is more beefy in the PS4, and GDDR5 is the preferred RAM by every game developer because it was actually designed for graphics (G = graphics). Those are the facts.

Snookies122771d ago

@xHeavYx - Hey now, let's "await" until these rumors have been confirmed. Lol

tagan8tr2771d ago

@heliumhead2030 somebody get the technology knife out of this guys hands before he hurts himself. Wow did you just get out of a time machine from may 2013? lol

dantesparda2771d ago

Wow heliumhead has got to be one of the most ignorant bastards I've seen on N4G lately, and that's saying a lot. Wow, just wow! Some body please school that kid

Willio2771d ago

I don't understand the arguments why having a power brick is beneficial... they dont dissipate heat at ALL. RROD anyone?

Regis2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Dude my family records the amount of electricity every week that we use through our usage meters at home. With the PS4 it barely takes any if not a lot less power then the Xbox 360 I will have my friend give me his X1 so we can record the power usage for his console next week.

tawak2771d ago

"power supply outside as it is just one more thing to dissipate heat, and I would much rather it do that outside on its own"

where are you 1997??! quess your ok if your cellphone and tablet has huge power brick outside.

Gorilla_Killa_X2771d ago

Technically the PS4 does not have a power brick. A power brick is an external power supply. It does have a power supply inside it but not a power brick, therefore theBAWSE's statement was correct and yours was false.

Neonridr2771d ago

@tawak - cell phones don't require that much power under normal load. But ever tried playing some of these newer cell phone games for an extended period of time? I guarantee you your phone gets pretty warm, hot even.

@Gorilla_Killa_X - yes, if you want to get technical like that ;) It's still a large power SUPPLY then... lol

Hicken2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

@neon: I'm failing to see the point of your comment.

You say the PS4 also has a huge power brick, yet neglect to mention that the XB1's brick being external didn't at all result in a smaller console.

At the same time, your comment implies that an external power supply will definitely prevent overheating, but we've already seen the two console makers in question using the same methods(Sony with no brick, Microsoft with brick) in the seventh generation of consoles; the one with the external power brick was the one with the overheating issues.

Therefore, the logical conclusion is that Sony is perfectly capable of designing a small system with an internal power brick that does not result in an increase in overheating or the risk thereof(since the PS3's overall failure rate was within the 2% allowable for electronics), while Microsoft is, apparently, not able to do the same.

Edit: Your whole "keep in mind" comment is irrelevant based on the fact that the power source in the PS4 is SMALLER than that of the XB1, is INSIDE its console, and inside a SMALLER console. It's not extra space to account for.

As for your personal preference, you should "keep in mind" which console's predecessor had an external power source and yet STILL had overheating issues(RROD was the primary cause of 360 failures, and you spoke of dissipating heat, not any other problems).

Neonridr2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

@Hicken - the 360's failure rate had little or nothing to do with the power supply in like 99.9% of the failed consoles. I never once commented on the size of the consoles. I don't understand where all this is coming from. All I said was the PS4 has a large power supply as well. That is it. All this back and forth ranting from everyone was because I said that the PS4 has a large power supply.

I agree with you that the PS4 is built better, is smaller, is more powerful and has been very good at not failing (minus the accepted rate).

I also never said that the XB1 wasn't large. That thing is bigger than a VCR, and I can't say it is efficiently built because there might be large areas of unused space inside. Who knows, we will see when someone tears it open.

But my comment, and my only comment was that the PS4 has a large power supply (not as big as the XB1 brick, but it's still pretty big too). People don't acknowledge that because they can't physically see it since it is inside the console.

As for me commenting about having an external vs internal, that is just an opinion of mine (I don't see my 360's power supply so I don't mind if it's as large as a tank, it's hidden).

moparful992771d ago

@Neonridr "Personally (but ultimately I could care less) I would have the power supply outside as it is just one more thing to dissipate heat, and I would much rather it do that outside on its own."

Ok so you would rather have the power brick outside of the console to help dissipate heat and then when you are called out on how the PS3 had an internal power supply but no overheating problems your remark is this

"the 360's failure rate had little or nothing to do with the power supply in like 99.9% of the failed consoles. I never once commented on the size of the consoles. I don't understand where all this is coming from. All I said was the PS4 has a large power supply as well. That is it. All this back and forth ranting from everyone was because I said that the PS4 has a large power supply."

The RROD was because of the system overheating and cooking the thermal paste that held the cpu on the motherboard... So if the external power brick helps dissipate heat then why did the 360 overheat? The PS3 had a much more powerful cpu and internal power supply but didn't suffer from overheating..

So why is it that you prefer an external power supply as a means of dissipating more heat when historically it has proven ineffective? You completely contradicted your own statement.. You want to call others out for taking the conversation off topic but you were factually off base..

n4rc2771d ago

Lol... Do people not research their claims before posting them?

Rrod wasn't due to overheating... It was thermal expansion (heating and cooling over and over) that caused the lead free solder to crack and seperate..

And that was 8 years ago.. Want to starting bringing up Sonys past errors too? I'm guessing not

Funantic12771d ago

The external power brick would have cut out a lot of overheating PS4s. I doubt you have so many disagrees because I agreed with you and it gave you 2 disagrees at the same time. Smh

360ICE2771d ago

And you do realize that seeing how the PS4 is already smaller than Xbox One, that's actually a good thing?

Gekko362771d ago

@bobacdigital Correction man, it has a better GPU and higher bandwidth memory, however the CPU's are both 8 core Jaguars at the core (no pun intended lol) and they are practically identical thinki X1's run i tiny bit faster at 1.7 vs 1.6 on the PS4 which is neither here no there.

I'm not slamming you man, just being accurate

Benchm4rk2770d ago


Not all of them...

Run_bare2770d ago

@Neonridr, PS4 don't have a Power Brick, everything consolidated inside the console. Xbox One on the other hand has a power Brick which is outside the console. Hope you understand the differences.

Kurogane2770d ago

No matter what any of yall say sony put out an unfinished product they have more problems than the xbox360 over heating,freezing, wont eject disc and the list goes on now MS mite have a few faulty system but there gonna be devils for it right? but sony lie lie lie and lie and the more people that show proof they put out an unfinished system, yall make excuses and call them trolls its people like yall is why im glad i chose pc cause its stronger that both those system yall really make gamers look bad tryna go to war with each other over something that yall not even a part of.

dantesparda2770d ago

Wow n4rc is a delusional fanboy, he believes the rrod was taken care of 8 yrs ago. When in reality at best it was taken care of until mid 2008. Delusional much?

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2cents2771d ago

Xbox designers?

Bit of a stretch

Schizoid2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

To all you stupid kids that think the xBone brick is dumb let me tell ya something. I've been repairing electronic devices for 30+ years. Power supply's (bricks) are the hardest working part of the electronic circuits(usually) It's the MOST likely part to fail. Imagine if the power supply goes out on my ps4. Well I'm gonna probably fix mine but what about you. Unless you can do that kind of work your whole system is screwed. However, people with xBone can replace it. I really don't think power supplies are gonna give major problems or anything, and yeah I don't care for the extra brick laying behind the tv but jeez people think about it smhh tards

frostypants2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Schizoid, most CE devices do NOT have an external power supply. It's not a concern. There are a multitude of other things far more likely to break first on a computing device...fatigued soldering, breakdown of thermal paste, broken optical drive, etc. Also, the fact that the One has an external brick and is STILL so stupidly huge is odd. The guts of that thing are average enough that they shouldn't generate enough heat to need much room to breathe.

svoulis2771d ago

Er, my PS3 launch and PS3 slim say hi, Never once had a problem. I have had ot replace Powerbricks before and those use to cost around 120$.

Just don't understand how Xbox One is so huge, and they still couldn't manage to fit the PSU inside the unit.

D-riders2771d ago

The Xbox 360 power brick was between 150 and 100 to get another power brick for 5 years. So that really doesn't matter cause id rather just pay to get get my system fixed vs 150. Especially since since I got insurance.

LoTuZ2771d ago

In all my life ive never had a power supply fail on me. Seriously.

chaosdemon092771d ago

I bet you that power brick ends up frying out in time before most xbones do. I hate those things. Every electronic I had the power brick failed before the product did.

SouLosT2771d ago

It's not like you can replace the PSU in the PS3/PS4...


Retard2771d ago

Warranty can replace my PS4, the heat tolerance is fine for any electronic device (you should know)

The problem at heart is a hardware company vs a software company, 1st party product vs 3rd party product.

From, as you called it;


moparful992771d ago

@Schizoid You can spin this as a positive anyway you want but truth of the matter having an external power brick is lazy and a poor design decision..

I gurantee you it has everything to do with being cheaper for Microsoft to utilize an external plug and play power brick instead of designing it to integrate into the system..

Just like the 360 they used off the shelf components to build the X1 instead of one of designs.. Hence the vcr look and huge case with external power supply..

Heck every iteration of the 360 use disc trays! That is nothing but a pc component and has no place in a dedicated games console.. LAZY

I've never had an internal power supply fail on anything but my desktop computer and that failed because of a power surge.. I've since used surge protectors on all of my electronics and have had 0 power supply failures..

Congratulations I have down bublled you for your insulting reply and calling people "tards"

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frostypants2771d ago

Easy...they pick one thing they don't like, then they spin it all as if that one thing is the single most important aspect of the console.

TBONEJF2771d ago

And it doesn't cost as much as the over price XB1

3-4-52771d ago

Japanese are good at this.....just look at how small the gamecube was compared to xbox or PS2, Yet Gamecube was the most powerful of the three systems.

zekk2771d ago

still confused as to y there was a handle on it though...
only thing I could think of was to give someone something to hold while using it to bludgeon the person beside u to death for continuously beating u at smash bros....
considering how well built it was it would probably run just fine afterwards and u could say the blood stains are there cuz it was a resident evil 4 limited edition console.

L0Lcano2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Gamecube was not the most powerful system. It was between the ps2 and xbox in terms of power. A lot of the small size was due to the use of minidisc and its larger height in comparison to rivals

Nintenuendo2771d ago

I agree about the size, kudos to Nintendo on that, plus I absolutely loved my Gamecube... but it certainly wasn't the most powerful console of that generation. Not even close.


xbox was the most powerful, then gamecube then ps2 then dreamcast

Benchm4rk2770d ago

Yeah sorry mate but your on drugs if you think gamecube was the most powerful of that gen. OG Xbox by a long shot

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lifeisgamesok2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

They built a console full of problems and likely to have overheating

Blue line of death
White line of death
Red line of death
At least it's diplomatic Lol

Games having problems ejecting

Games crashing

Loud system noise

BOLO2771d ago

REACH! REACH! Grab those straws! Grab them all!

BallsEye2771d ago

Well. So far around 50% failure rate (check amazon, official ps forums, ask in gamestop) might just be caused by that small size and PSU inside. Check out yyoutube how many people got GPU overheating issues. More powerful? Well..could be one day, who knows, but so far Ryse beats anything else when it comes to graphics.

Regis2771d ago

I have not had a problem with my PS4 and it's been on for 2 days straight and it hasn't cause a single problem. Don't talk like the Xbox 1 won't have a lot of problems.

despair2771d ago

I wonder if these trolls actually believe the bullshit they type or if they do it just for the sake of it?

JLT-Sandwitch2770d ago

I hate phones some times. Why? Cause I accidently hit agree when I want to hit disagree. Don't think some ones agreeing with you cause even you know 50% is a fictional number