IGN Editors First Weekend With PS4: "It's Pretty F**#@* Awesome"

In the latest episode of Gamescoop, IGN editors talk about PS4's first weekend on the market, and how the experience has been amazing so far.

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Insomnia_842771d ago

Gamers heaven! Paradise!!

theBAWSE2771d ago

still can't get over the lack of media functions at launch... the most basic of functions at that.. mind boggling

dnla, mp3 and the ability to read a USB stick etc

Sony need to get that patch out and quick

NewMonday2771d ago

the xbox editor said he is being spoiled by 1080p and it will be hard going back, some try hard to downplay it but to most people it matters.

abzdine2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

amazing console, i wish mine could come soon enough :'(
killzone ftw...
this is only beginning!!
PS2 is already beaten

jessupj2771d ago

Yeah, such a pity Sony was focusing on the games and gamers interests so much.

Not to worry though. I'll just play GAMES on my GAMING console while I wait for a patch for these secondary media features.

thereapersson2771d ago


You do realize that PS3 didn't have any of those features at launch either, right? And Sony has all but confirmed they are going to implement it sooner rather than later. So chill the heck out and be patient. A journey with PlayStation is not a short one, but it is a rewarding one.

qu1ckset2771d ago

I'm having way to much fun gaming on my ps4 to worry about media functions, there coming eventually so I'm happy!

You will be amazed when you first start Killzone single player, the graphics are amazing! , but multiplayer wise I think BF4 is more fun! Get both bf4 and Killzone! ;) , knack is really fun as well!

TheGreatAndPowerful2771d ago

I absolutely love it, they do need to tweak a few minor things but that aside the system is awesome.

frostypants2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Yeah, because when someone gets their PS4, the first thing they want to do is use it as an iPod!

NikonSteve2771d ago

Sony already said they cared about the game experience first, media functions later. DLNA is coming in a firmware update.

nveenio2771d ago


Yes, the 1080p is MUCH better than I expected. It's a huge difference. It makes even sub-par graphics look that much better. I love it.

Kryptix2771d ago


Don't get why you're so concerned about things that aren't centered to gaming. If you don't like that Sony put gaming first in a gaming console, then go buy yourself the newest iPod and never visit N4G again. You do realize without the patches, you can still play games on the PS4 but the Xbox One needs a patch to play games? Stop being delusional and think as a gamer next time.

ShinMaster2771d ago

Well, get over it.

Talking about it and listing things we already know about isn't helping anyone.

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CapsLocke2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Heaven is only on high end PC. Not everybody can go to heaven though.

P$4 is more like a Disneyland.

Cuzzo632771d ago

Oh my lord. How do you pc power rangers slide in with that bull everytime. Don't you have a harddrive to defrag or a virus program to renew. I think we should all kno how much powerful the pc is especially when you guys state it in every comment thread.

Insomnia_842771d ago

Alright! Cool story, bro!

Now, shut up and watch me play this awesome game called RESOGUN that you can't play on your PC...

;D lol

Happy new gen everyone!

CapsLocke2771d ago


Haha, you can enjoy your game from 1995. I and my fellow gamers will enjoy TRUE gaming experience on PC.

kneon2771d ago


So the only true gamers are those that are moronic enough to spend the price of a small car on a PC for gaming?

kazuma9992771d ago

Hey everyone look at this dumbass :D he is actually on a ps4 thread trying to troll about pc lol I bet he has a ps4 and just too jelly to admit it.

Last_Boss2771d ago

Heaven must suck with no Uncharted alone, I think I'll stick my paradise plethora.

Please tell me you know who psygnosis is?

frostypants2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

And by "true gaming" you means spending 45 minutes every time you play Battlefield trying to figure out why Punkbuster is malfunctioning.

PC gaming = 60% fixing crap, 40% actually playing

Why yes, I do game on my PC a bit. I prefer consoles. Have ever since the 360/PS3 gen began, because that's when gap in gameplay began to close.

BattleTorn2771d ago

I never knew Heaven required so much troubleshooting

Master-H2771d ago

Heaven hows GTA V been treating ya?? Red Dead Redemption ? The Last of Us ? Uncharted ? Halo3 ?..yea..thought so.

WickedLester2771d ago

Sorry, can't hear you over playing awesome 1080p titles such as Killzone, Resogun, and NBA 2K14!

medman2771d ago

Said the guy who can't play Infamous. Or Uncharted. Or The Last of Us. Or God of War. Or Gran Turismo. Etc. etc. etc.....

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Thatguy-3102771d ago

I'm enjoying the hell out of it. I recently got my curiosity taken care of on trying dc universe. So far I'm freaking loving that game. Has become somewhat addicting.

jessupj2771d ago

Apart from the launch line up they basically had nothing but praise for the PS4.

Mine should be arriving tomorrow. Very excited.

Rzep2771d ago

I miss the days when I got excited over consoles. Alas those days are gone, consoles became something which I have no interest in.

Rzep2771d ago

No need. Im just fine with my PC. It's odd not buying and console this gen though. Till now I had just about every one since Nes days.

Bathyj2771d ago

I wasnt dissing you your anything. I'm actually sorry that youve gotten bored with console gaming. Especially since youve been gaming so long.

Sometimes I worry if that will happen to me, but I think I'm good at least for the next decade.

boeso2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Sounds like you grew up! It's a trap!

Edit: Yeah I see what you mean. What do you mean by locked nature? Surely you'e after a locked console made to be able to take a disc and play games thats it.

Rzep2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Neh, consoles stopped being boxes to play games on. Now they have pointless feature upon pointless feature. I don't want social bs, I don't want the console to be an all in one media monster. If I bought one of the two new console I would feel like I am paying for shit that I just don't want in a console. The locked nature of the platforms is also keeping me away.

The portables also lost some of their charm...which sucks cause mobile gaming is not a valid alternative.

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