Xbox vs. PS4: The Fair Comparison

How do the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One compare? Is it fair to say that one is better than the other yet? We cover everything you need to know about both consoles


Site is MWEB GameZone. Author is Zubayr Bhyat.

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HanCilliers1848d ago

I've been waiting for just such an article, great read! The only problem is, I am still unsure which is the better console.

black0o1848d ago

when did PC become a console ??

HanCilliers1848d ago

Tsek, hush you fanboy you

schmoe1848d ago

Its the still the better platform, always was, always will be..

AndrewLB1848d ago

Black- When consoles became a PC. The x86 architecture, CPU designs by AMD, and the OS's speak for themselves.

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M-M1848d ago

In terms of hardware, the PS4. Software is for the user to decide, so there is no better console in terms of software.

Malice-Flare1848d ago

so what's the metric for software? quality? diversity? metacritic?

i vote diversity, in which case PS4 has the edge with indie's F2P mmos w/o PS+, Sony 1st parties...

plut0nash1848d ago

I appreciate that Sony has supported so many indies hey.

plut0nash1848d ago

Another thing that might attract me to PS4 is Star Citizen.

edgeofsins1848d ago

At the PC people.

I enjoy PC. But there's no reason I can't enjoy console too. Better hardware is fantastic. But the whole experience is not just hardware, and I am not talking about the couch and TV experience. The elegant interface, exclusive games, and the promotions are a nice thing to experience.

A lot of PC people are getting into smart phones as much as they were into PC's. Consoles play a huge part in the production of new technologies and gaining exposure. Smart phones are that kind of thing for many PC gamers but they neglect that consoles have new innovations and elegance like them.

Choc_Salties1848d ago

As much as both sound technically impressive, neither appeal to me enough to say that I want to get one at this juncture. Still hoping PS4 sorts that media thingy out; that'll switch me...

plut0nash1848d ago

Would you go Xbone if PS4 media stuff didn't happen.

chrissx1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Games(by ps1-3 track record) - Ps4
Entertainment - users choice.
Price- Ps4 is cheaper
Controller- users choice
Winner - Ps4

plut0nash1848d ago

Definitely wins in terms of price. I'd love to see what the game selection does when it's out though ;)

Max-Zorin1848d ago

Great systems terrible fans.

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