5 Xbox 360 games to get before Xbox One arrives

So the next-gen will be in full swing come Friday when Xbox One drops. For those not making the leap, there's eight years worth of game to trawl through. MWEB GameZone has a a few suggestions on where to start.

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GabeSA1792d ago

There is still live in the "old" consoles yet.

Choc_Salties1792d ago

Of those, I'd only be interested in the Halo series, and maybe the Gears of War series, even though Gears wasn't on the list...

TedCruzsTaint1792d ago

Forza:Horizon, Alan Wake, State of Decay, Witcher 2 and Condemned.

lord zaid1792d ago

Condemned. Now there's a game that could use a third outing. Xbox One exclusive Condemned 3 would do nicely.

xeno041792d ago

Is it just me, or am I alone in not wanting to get an xbox an launch? not any shiny new launch game that i want to get my hands on.

Same can be said for the playstation though.

TedCruzsTaint1792d ago

Funnily enough, I wasn't all that interested in the One until I just watched some videos from Gamespot.
One's launch games seem solid. More solid than I thought until I saw the videos.
Even Ryse, a game I was really worried about based on early previews, seems pretty good. Can't say how much that holds up throughout the game though.

Still not planning on grabbing the system any time soon, but I can say there are a few games I wish was also releasing on the PC.

As for the PS4, the only game I am actually interested in at the moment is Resogun.

lord zaid1792d ago

Rule of thumb for me with console launches: wait one year from launch before buying. Consoles are usually a bit cheaper by then and there's a wider variety of games to choose from.