The Most Powerful Gaming Machine on the Planet

The crazy folks at PC Gamer have just built what many would consider the most powerful gaming machine on the planet. How powerful? How about four GTX Titans powerful!

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zeal0us1822d ago

What if someone gets four 780TI?

It may outmatches the PS4 but the cost of doing this is enormous. Not to mention a waste

decrypt1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

It would be silly putting 4 gpus, since they wont scale. 2 GPUs make the best scaling. 3 GPUs scale but would only be recommended if you are playing on 3 screens or maybe 4k res.

Also no point getting Titans, since they cost a 1000usd. Imo just get GTX 780 OC it, they can easily outperform Titans, or get R9 290x and perform just as well as Titans. 3x R9 290 would only cost 1500usd, not much considering the amount of power.

Edit: lol Why do you even mention the PS4? the GPU within the PS4 costs about a 100usd, no point comparing a Kia to a Ferrari.

zeal0us1822d ago

I mention the PS4 because of a line that the author wrote in the article on the site itself.

"It's kind of sad to think that this single machine outmatches the PS4 which just came out. Heck, it would probably beat the PS5 and 6 while it's at it. "

decrypt1822d ago

Well 3x titans, 780GTX or R9 290x would put the setup around the neighborhood of 14-16 TFLOPs of power. Which is a bloody hell lot of power, id agree with the author the setup would probably beat a PS5 dont know about a PS6 though lol.

But yea silly of the author to compare a PS4 to this setup. PS4 would struggle against 200usd GPUs, never mind even 1 of these.

Dasteru1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

3 Titans do scale, just not as much as the first 2, the 4th decreases performance on most games by about 5%. A few games get a slight increase from the 4th but that is very rare.

It is possible for 4 to scale but Nvidia's drivers don't fully support quad SLI for Titans yet, games also have to be coded a certain way for them to take advantage of it which is why for most games the 4th actually decreases performance slightly. They simply aren't made to properly recognize that setup and end up loosing efficiency.

Rifkens1822d ago

Are you aware that the 780ti's are available now?

Gigaguy7771822d ago

I feel like you missed the point.
They wanted to build an obscenely powerful PC with incredibly expensive parts. Hence the expensive and powerful parts.

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TedCruzsTaint1822d ago

It doesn't take this to match the PS4 though. That was just a comment he made, and then followed with, it could probably outmatch the next two generations following.

That I don't believe, however.

Honestly, I am still running a 680 and I am not worried of being able to keep up this this generation. Still plan on upgrading come the 800 series though.

jeffgoldwin1822d ago

680 will be very future proof this whole generation for 1080p gaming. I mean it's something like 3-4 times more powerful than next gen consoles.

Now for 4k gaming, you would need more.

ATiElite1821d ago

I run Arma 3 at 2560 x 1600p 60fps ALL Ultra settings on a HP 30" monitor or across 3 24" 1080p HP monitors.

COre i7 2700k
16GB Ram
2x HD7970 Gigahertz Edition GPU's

Super Cheaper than their set-up!

Arma 3 is such a beautiful game with HUge draw distances and great detail. Challenging A.I. too but I'm usually playing against other humans.

buying Titans has proven to be a COMPLETE waste of money for Gaming but Titans are good for Compute Processing.

oIITSBIIo1821d ago

You don't need 4x 780Ti to beat PS4 .
one single GTX780Ti is more than enough to win this match easily .

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MultiConsoleGamer1822d ago

But can I hook it up to my 52" TV?

decrypt1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Why not :P You could hook it to 3x 52" TVs if you wanted to :P

GPUs have been coming equipped with HDMI since 2007 or so.

JasonKCK1822d ago

You can hook just about any PC or laptop to a big screen TV.

kingduqc1821d ago

You can hook it up to 6 1080p tv if you want to.

MultiConsoleGamer1820d ago

Guys, it was a joke. Even my 6 year old laptop has a TV out feature.

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SolidGear31822d ago

How's this compare to PS3?

TedCruzsTaint1822d ago

About the same as a snowmobile racing down a hill in comparison to someone running down said hill.

Swiggins1821d ago

It's like comparing a P-52 Mustang to an F-22 Raptor.

hay1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

PS3 shells out around 400 gigaflops(400 billion operations on a single precision floating point number per second), while one Titan alone was advertised to operate in 4.5 Teraflop range, making it about 11 times as efficient in float computing as entire PS3.

If SLI would scale perfectly running 100% power, this would translate to maximum of around 17 teraflop regulated by the CPU and RAM in real-life usage environment. Add some teraflop from a good CPU and we might have around 18.

It should be aboot 40 to 50 times as powerful as PS3 in sheer math.
But in real life gaming scenario graphics do not scale perfetly yet, so I doubt it would go past half of that, making it around 15-20 times as powerful as PS3.
But do not blame the hardware. SLI scaling is far from perfect and rarely will benefit from use of more than two GPUs.
Unless you do some serious GPU computation.

SolidGear31822d ago

One of the last computers I upgraded was a Packard Bell with a 75MHz CPU, 650MB Hard Drive and 8MB RAM.. For $50 I upgraded the RAM to 16MB.. and no, I'm not joking

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