Grand Theft Auto IV Achievements Made Official revealed what they believed to be the official list of achievements for Grand Theft Auto IV quite a while ago, but many people shook the list off as just a rumor. Just now, the list has become official, as Rockstar and Microsoft both confirm the list. The entire list can now be viewed, in it's entirety, along with accompanying achievement pictures. Get ready to go for that full thousand points in gamerscore as you cruise through Liberty City! Hit the jump for the entire list of 50 achievements along with the pictures.

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Breakfast5396d ago (Edited 5396d ago )

Key to the City...i want it.

Does anyone know anything on the HOME integration. Or the PS3 achievements.

justgamez5396d ago (Edited 5396d ago )

was to have the better version. Mission accomplished.
I stopped caring about achievements 6 weeks after I got my 360 (I have just under 26000). They are rarely ever done right and some like PGR4's where you actually purchase an achievement are done right silly.

I heard mention of the PS3 having some type of Home intergradation but I never cared enough to research it. I just play it to and not for trophies or gamer score . It's not like MS or Sony award you with anything for unlocking them.

Now imagine if MS gave you point to purchase DLC for your gamer score? That would be a stroke of genius and I am surprised they don't do it in some capacity.

Breakfast5396d ago (Edited 5396d ago )

I dont care what MS or PS gives me...its a personal achievement. I dont flaunt the achievements but it something that I like to do, for fun.

beans5396d ago

You have 26000 acheivement points in just under 6 weeks?

Silellak5396d ago (Edited 5396d ago )

"The PS3's achievment was to have the better version. Mission accomplished."

Edit: And @post below.

Really? Is this sort of fanboy crap necessary in a thread that has nothing to do with the PS3?

Oh wait, this is N4G. Of course it is. My mistake.

God forbid we all just be happy that owners of BOTH systems get to enjoy a revolutionary game in just three days. Let's take something awesome for gamers everywhere and turn it into a fanboy debate! Yay!

rucky5396d ago

GTFO This is the 360's achievements list and it has nothin' to do with graphics. So stop copy pasting that thing already!

littletad5396d ago

Seriously. Or if you prefer you can debate amongst yourself.

Gam715396d ago

We wish she would, in a dark corner somewhere far away from the internet

lessthanmarcus5396d ago

I'm not buying this game for 360 for the same reason why I wouldn't buy Halo for PS3. I mean there would be plenty of people buying Halo on PS3 but true fans would know what platform it is meant to be played on.

wow4u5395d ago


GTA has been on Sega, Nintendo, Windows, Xbox and Playstation. What. Is. Your. Point?

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NegativeCreepWA5396d ago

lol. Look at the last achievement. Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie. Overall there good achievements.

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Bnet3435396d ago

A very good achievement list. Points are well balanced and distributed, a couple of online achievements to add some flavor and the virus achievement to kill a Rockstar dev gives it a good kick. My personal fav is Key to the City. I love achievements that make you complete the game 100%, because thats when you really beat a game. The feeling is very rewarding.

littletad5396d ago

You said something positive in the 360 light, and yet u still get a disagree for a neutral comment. Sigh...fanboys.

Fallen_Angel5396d ago

Its a nice list and its a real time sink too. Probably lookin at a couple 100 of hours of gameplay to get everyone of them on that list

rucky5396d ago

Well some of the achievements looks like their fun to try like the flying underneath bridges one. No more strangers seems annoying to even attempt, kinda vague description though so I dunno.

wallace10005396d ago

I am thinking the strangers one will be one that you end up unlocking from playing all the game. Maybe a bit of luck in there, just hope you don't run one of them over by accident :-P

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