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MMGN: Killer Instinct succeeds as reboot of an almost forgotten fan favourite, updated just enough to feel relevant against modern competition. The fighting mechanics based almost purely on combos is fantastic, with a tutorial mode that will whip incompetent fighting ninnies into shape in minutes. Unfortunately it’s lacking content, even with all the optional extras. Without an arcade or story mode, and with just six characters, Killer Instinct provides the Xbox One with launch day competitive shenanigans, but won’t last the journey without more content as soon as possible.

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gamesR4fun1822d ago

lowest score I've seen so far

game looks solid but ya only what 7 characters a bit weak sure they will add more dlc soon tho

admiralvic1822d ago

When it comes to fighting games, diversity is more important than character count. Like, Street Fighter has a lot of characters, though several characters play similarly (not the same). This is where ARC shines, since BlazBlue and Guilty Gear have more diverse characters that appeal to different styles without a bunch of redundancies.

Loki861822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Lacking content, every review... This is a $20 game for 8 perfectly balanced characters and a free story mode update coming in March. This is going to be a game that is on the EVO circuit for a long time. Everyone says it is brilliant, but lacking content, rate it as a $20 game not a finished $60 fighter.

GrandpaSnake1822d ago

hahaha no, i was their last evo, and every evo before that for about 5 years, i have played against the likes of daigo and justin wang,one thing that all the main elite players say is that no.... this game will have to do a lot to be taken seriously, people were already noticing unbalanced features and hitboxes, i mean capcom has been fine tuning the new sf games and pro players still complain.

Loki861822d ago

Oh you mean 20 updates ago before they started balancing and improving the hitboxes? They have done 20 twitch streams since then, each with a new build and ALOT has changed.

GrandpaSnake1822d ago

@ loki i was just talking to some, i happen to be very close to combofiend and speak to most people on the shoryuken website, but hey...

admiralvic1822d ago

No fighting game will ever be perfectly balanced.

IVanSpinal1822d ago

well, who cares about EVO
and the "Elite players"
20 dollars is great

nevin11822d ago

I just want to see how it compares to the SNES version.

mercyless91822d ago

graphics n combat moves look awesome. its better to have 7 distinct fighters than having 20-25 pointless characters. imo 20$ is definitely worth spending for the content being provided

odinana071822d ago

still getting it, c-c-c-c- combo breaker

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