Top 10 games that should NEVER be movies

WASDuk presents the top 10 movies that they hope NEVER become movies.

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DestinyHeroDoomlord1797d ago

Whole lot of Ryan Reynolds haha. That double dragon movie was cool

glennhkboy1797d ago

No game should be made into movie, and vice versa!!!!!!

Arkworthy1797d ago

Agreed. I can't actually think of a good one. I liked Doom, but I was drunk off my arse when I watched that, and I would have clapped at "America's funniest rectal prolapses".

wheresmymonkey1797d ago

Postal, the first silent hill, prince of persia was good, the ace attourney movie is absolutely brilliant.

The animated street fighter movies were pretty good.

Tales of Vespiria, Valkyia Chronicles, in fact most of the anime adaptations are pretty rock solid come to think of it. But i guess we're talking live action.

Kalebninja1797d ago

hate to break it to ya but they are already working on a warcraft movie and an mgs movie is being planned

Arkworthy1797d ago

Yeah, I know. Forget this. I'm going to live in a movie-proof underground bunker, licking moisture off the pipes for sustenance.

Ocsta1797d ago

And if a game does become a movie, may it never have a lame tagline like "THIS AINT NO GAME" :/

Arkworthy1797d ago

Or something somehow MORE patronisingly awful like "Put down the controllers, this is the real thing!"

wheresmymonkey1797d ago

dude, pretty much your entire list except minecraft has a movie version in the works.

Arkworthy1797d ago

"In the works" means very little these days. Many of them have been "In the works" for 5+ years.

Suffice to say, I hope they never happen.

Ocsta1797d ago

Every videogame based movie I've ever seen has been MST3K worthy. Except Mortal Kombat, that there's a classic!

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