The 7 Benefits of Gaming You Might Not Know

Wait, what? Isn’t gaming supposed to be just for fun? It can actually be healthy and good for you? Yup. Tjark Hartmann here, about to give you some tools to fight against your parents when they say “Video games are bad for you!”. I encourage every man, child, and woman to rebel whenever they hear that phrase; rebel and spread the truth about gaming I say!

As the leader of a new movement, I must choose my words wisely. We shall use the same techniques as Gandhi, meaning I encourage no acts of violence -- we shall use only the power of words. With your help, we can show the world the benefits of gaming.

The first thing I must do is educate you. Without knowledge our movement cannot succeed, so I will provide you with a list of the benefits of gaming. Remember these. Engrave them into your skull. Knowledge is power

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