Why are most of the PlayStation 4’s launch games boring?

IT Pro Portal: "While we still have to wait until 29 November, the PlayStation 4 has just been released in the States, and the reviews have flooded out, with the reception for Sony’s console being pretty consistent. While the hardware and UI are well regarded for the most part, the biggest issue at hand is the lacklustre line-up of launch games."

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ZBlacktt1822d ago

I guess the same way these opinionated stories are boring?

sincitysir11822d ago

Yeah these guys have nothing better to do than spew their unwanted opinion

abzdine1822d ago

to me just having a glimpse of what next gen is about is fun..
before i played Tetris for months non stop, now PS4 has very high quality launch titles and people still complain.
enough of these boring articles please!

DestinyHeroDoomlord1822d ago

If you only ever hear what you want to, you'll never hear what you want to...

Silly Mammo1822d ago

I wish they would just title their articles "My Website desperately needs Hits!!" and N4G had a flamebait section. It would remove a lot of dead weight from this site.

AlexanderNevermind1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

As it was in consoles past, this is a marathon and not a sprint. My trust in Sony's exclusives is pretty much unwavered.

Also Killzone's MP is great...Just need to add full 24 player warzones and not just TDM's

guitarded771822d ago

I'm trying my best to ignore all the bulls#!t, but it's just getting ridiculous. Everyone in the blogasphere has a hard on for bashing the PS4, when it is a great system, with great games. It is a gamers console, and while I support legitimate criticism to make consoles and games better, this is all crap. If someone is bored with the PS4 launch and games, then they are not a gamer.

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Fil1011822d ago

Yeah I agree, there seems to be a hell of alot of hate storys about ps4 but know matter how much crap gets said I'm picking mine up next friday.

PoSTedUP1822d ago

its funny because there are proabaly so many Sony fanboys in the media realizing this, gearing up, and Cannot Wait for the X1 to be released! rofl. what comes around goes around, fellas. i am a sony fanboy and this is going to be good. sad? yes. but good. : P. its best to just ignore it, i can tell its going to get messy once both are on the market.

PsylentKiller1822d ago

I'm not a fan of any launch games for PS4. Was really looking forward to DriveClub and WatchDogs but oh well. However, Resogun is awesome. Black light is OK. And Flower is amazing. Don't know why I never picked it up before. All I can say is PS+ is great.

MizTv1822d ago

I got ac4 kz bf4 and they are far from boring
I can't stop playing

black0o1822d ago


u and me bro, the MODs here at N4G hve to rise the quality of what gets approve

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1822d ago

I'm having fun. KZ:SF does make a few missteps but that can be forgiven seeing as how it's a new direction for the franchise and a launch game. But it's still fun. Warframe is fun too just slow to pick up pace. I haven't played any others. I'm really waiting on the jrpg's and action games of next year. Oh and Driveclub which looks stellar.

JoGam1822d ago

Actually im having fun with all the games i bought.

ZBlacktt1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

This guy doesn't own a PS4. But on the Internet he does. A World record first 24 hour selling console in video game history. That is all you need to know. Will hit 3 million before years out.

ZBlacktt1822d ago

This guys friend said give him my name you fool!

ruefrak1822d ago

I missed it. Which one was the boring game? Everyone I've played so far is really good. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed playing Contrast.

Visiblemarc1822d ago

Yeah...this is just one of the political "talking points"'of the new console wars.

Microsoft is pushing the following:

-Resolution matters less than gameplay (a total deception because it implies that both isn't possible.)

-Ps4 has no fun games

-The cloud will come to rescue one day

-Titanfall will change our lives forever.

-Ps4 hardware is unreliable (newly added, by leveraging news of remarkably low failure rates and magnifying them)

-Average americans will never change platforms.

There are a few others, but these are the basics. This stuff just gets repeated over and over.

I've said it a million times, I hate console fanboy wars. I'm not a fanboy. I have both Ps3 and 360... I'm just fed up with MS propaganda. This is starting to look like presidential election levels of bs rhetoric.

walkincarpet1822d ago

I had both consoles past gen also but am getting X1 first because I got bored of the same basic gameplay for the last 20 years so I actually agree with this article to an extent. Of course jumping into BF4 should not be boring... but what makes it different than last the last BF or the one before it? As far as MS propaganda - they are certainly not out doing Sony in that regard.

TM3331821d ago

Amen to that! Noone is talking about 'Contrast' and I'm loving the hell out of that game. Such style. Tried it with Vita remote play and that was really cool too.

ruefrak1821d ago

Funny you should say that. Contrast is the only game I've tried with remote play, and it worked really well.
I really liked the trophy when you find the Extra Life collectible and the names of all the donors scrolls on the screen. Classy.

Majin-vegeta1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

If they were boring no one would have bought the PS4.

InMyOpinion1822d ago

Actually they would have to. How else would they be able to play the games and find out whether they were boring or not?