Nintendo Needs to Get 3DS Nintendo Network IDs Right

CCC Says: "The Nintendo Network ID announcement for the 3DS is very exciting. It's a step in the right direction, towards current console expectations. It's unifying the eShops and giving 3DS owners access to Miiverse, so they can connect with other users and share knowledge amongst themselves. It seems like Nintendo is actually getting things right."

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DA_SHREDDER1847d ago

to little too late for me, had both, sold both, about 500 bucks lost in software, done with this gen nintendo

Fanboyssuck271847d ago

Good Ridence.

On a brighter note can't wait for new super Mario 3d world

Neonridr1847d ago

Wow, the 3DS is a beast and you sold it?

To each their own I guess. Shame, I think you got rid of the Wii U way too early. Enjoy your PS4 or XB1 I guess.

RPG_Lover1847d ago

No offense but your a fool if you sold a wonderful system like 3ds over non game issues

DA_SHREDDER1846d ago

ya im getting a 2ds for my daughter for christmas, so ill have one around, but your right, i will be enjoying my ps4 for a long time