GTA V: 6 Reasons Why It Needs A Zombie DLC

"Everyone thought they were mad. How could a straight played Wild West shooter have zombies? How would John Marston and co fight against a horde of the walking dead without it becoming too hard or too easy, or too boring? These pretty solid skepticisms and more were slain when the content landed and proved that the right application of zombies can better any game, and the right game studio can pull it off.

So during a particularly NPC-unfriendly evening of GTA online, [Jordan Wicks] found myself wondering if the same could be done for Rockstar’s brightest gem. Could one of the largest and most epic games of all time possibly handle, let alone pull off, a zombie mode?

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-Foxtrot1795d ago

Why just Zombies, I mean GTAV has a HUGE map. What they should do is an supernatural DLC with Zombies, Witches, Werewolf's, Mummies, Ghosts, Vampires etc

I mean having just Zombies in the entire map would be boring so it would be nice to mix things up abit.

Myst1795d ago

Now that would be nice.

DanielGearSolid1795d ago

Zombie dlc would only be worth it if ita similar to Day Z Epoch!

I want dinosaurs!

JeffGUNZ1794d ago

I just want heists lol. You know, the thing they said would be their at launch.