Bungie drools over itself!

"...the single biggest psychological switch for me, I realized, was Halo dreams. I started having Halo dreams. Mostly just a jumble of floaty nonsense, but all set in my new favorite level, and one of the three released in EGM and other magazines in the coming week. We will have hi res versions of the pics featured in the mags coming soon, so you can pore over them 'til your heart's content, but until then, you'll just have to take my word for it that the new levels are among the best we've ever created."

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2tired2day2hate4462d ago

i cant believe how many details they gave away. not like bungie at all

Marriot VP4462d ago

yah for real, they gave a lot away. I'm really happy their focusing on the weather effects so much cause that adds a lot to realism. Wind blowing, fog, rain, snow, etc.

It's strange for them to give so much away, however I know there's plenty more to talk about. All the other new weapons/vehicles/features(x).

zonetrooper54461d ago

They will give out all this new information and a few more surpises are going to be told soon. After all this is told, Bungie will stay quiet for another few months and then just before the games release which i think will be in November, they will release more information.

2tired2day2hate4461d ago

this really makes me wonder what the big surspise is with the X button

DEIx15x84461d ago

"Press the X button to exit suit"
You can always hope

Marriot VP4461d ago

i'm thinking rocket pack

power of Green 4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

3rd person view malee attack. Or take cover action(s).

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