Xbox One’s first year: What do you hope to see?

Should we have high expectations for the console's first year on the market?

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TomShoe1820d ago

I better see this "power of the cloud".

lubbalots1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Its already being implemented by devs. Best example is KI3.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1819d ago

I wanna see Titanfall deliver on all the hype!

JackISbacK1819d ago

its better to see those rumored or partialy confirmed games which ms was moking from 2012 or before like xbox's rumored AAAA title exclusive from ms studios and AAA title from black tusk studios(ms own newly formed studio) which microsft promised to show at e3 2013 but was delayed for other events and the studio was compared to be good as naughty dog is becasue of very talented devs working on xb1's exclusive game and other games promised from ms from its other new five studios ,which also includes europen studio who is working on aaa f2p game and is also confirmed by ms and other rumors also state that most big sudios are working on multiple projects for future xb1 releases ,yeah this is what i want to see because i believ all tv featues and apps on xb1 will be amazing so i dont want to be panic about them because from decades ms services have been realy good ,what i most care is games entartainment freatures are bonus for me.

mhunterjr1820d ago

I wanna see Halo 5. Gimme a baddass trailer for E3, and have it ready by November please. And ditch the progression system, and go back to halo 1-2 style multiplayer.

Bigpappy1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Digital games sales implemented. RPG's and all features working as promised.

deepio1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

After much internal debate I decided to stick to a X1 (instead of a PS4) on the basis that I love Halo too much to leave it. I'm dying to see a trailer, more news, anything!

dale11820d ago

A smaller console that things huge and no camera

ExDexteraDomini1820d ago

Well Halo 5 of course. :P

I also want to see some apps that can be snapped which provide useful info for the games I'm playing, such as a live scoreboard for multiplayer games like Battlefield 4. More kinect integration as well!

lubbalots1820d ago

I'm looking forward to RE7. I pray it will not be like the abysmal RE6. Capcom, please back to RE4-5 roots! Remember, your best selling game of all time, RE5.

hankmoody1819d ago

RE needs a complete reboot. That story has become officially nonsensical.

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The story is too old to be commented.